SECRETS – Fragile Figures



Fragile Figures


Velocity / Rise Records



For Fans Of

Pierce the Veil - A Day to Remember


Just another post hardcore album with some promise.


65 / 100

SECRETS are a great band, and Fragile Figures is a great album, but there are many moments where it seems as if the band are constantly channeling what has come before, and because of this they bring very little that is new to their music. There are some good moments despite this though.

For instance, ‘How We Survive’ provides a heavy A Day to Remember-style opening for Fragile Figures, with some slightly more pop punk clean vocals, and it is a strong start for the San Diegan boys.

The clean vocal parts in the following track, ‘Ready for Repair’, are distinctly similar to those of Vic Fuentes in Pierce the Veil, and the album as a whole fits right in with them genre wise. ‘Forever and Never’ is slightly more pop, it is perhaps the poppiest song on the album, and the track has surprisingly not yet been selected as one of the singles for the album.

‘Live Together, Die Alone’ is SECRETS at their heaviest and feels as if it is in a constant state of breakdown between the brief clean choruses. This is more of an observation than it is a criticism, and if you are a fan of songs with great breakdowns you will probably be jamming this song frequently because of its breakdown-like section to non-breakdown-like section ratio.

Acoustic ender, ‘Sleep Well, Darling’, gets to a point near halfway where it seems as if it is going to launch into the same old full-band post hardcore song, but it doesn’t, and even though the full band do kick in towards the end they keep it relatively soft. The decision concludes Fragile Figures well and, even if though it may be mistaken, does so with a sense of promise.


‘Fragile Figures’, despite its lack of uniqueness, shows SECRETS to be a band with both talent and potential.


1. How We Survive
2. Ready for Repair
3. Forever and Never
4. Artist vs. Who?
5. Wasted Youth (Part 1)
6. The Architect (Part 2)
7. Maybe Next May
8. Fragile Figures
9. Live Together, Die Alone
10. Infinite Escape
11. Sleep Well, Darling

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