The Architects – Border Wars


Border Wars


Anodyne Records




For Fans Of

The Gaslight Anthem - Social Distortion - The Replacements


Rough and tumble rock n roll and punk.


70 / 100

The Architects have been making fun rock ‘n’ roll songs since 2004 and now they have brought something new to the table with their recent album ‘Border Wars.’ This new offering is not just an album, but is accompanied by a 70-page comic book, the first episode in a five part series.

Border Wars,’ a six track EP acts as a soundtrack to the story of Tom and Josie, two kids from a small town in southwest Texas. Their lives intertwine together and the music accompanies themes such as crime and violence throughout.

“It’s about a teenage runaway and a son of a televangelist who encounter dirty cops and drug cartels. Mayhem ensues and romance ensues. It’s fun. It’s not boring. It’s super-dark and super-bloody, but it’s fun.” says the bands singer/guitarist Brandon Phillips.

Opener, ‘Peter Fonda‘ brings some punk vibes to the album. The song proves a good start to the release, with the rock and punk influences mixed with the rough, edgy vocals of Brandon Phillips. ‘We’re Going Live‘ dives into the substance of the album as the introductory instrumentals and the harsh, punk influenced cries of Phillips mesh well together and create a high standard going forward.

Lucky‘ lets down the album a bit as it verges on the outskirts of a cliché pop or country song. However, the album picks right back up again as ‘Heartbreaker‘ starts, mixing the right amounts of rock, punk and pop influences together to make a catchy, kick ass tune, with those rough vocals appearing in places and making the song.

Closer ‘The Shivering,’ feels seriously punk influenced with a dash of rockabilly hiding in there. This track is much less pop influenced, it makes a great end to the album showing the band’s fun and chaotic rock and roll, which works well to complete only the first segment of their five-part comic book series. This song is dark and is a stand out. A great way to end, with something that is bound to be stuck in your head for days.

Overall this is an interesting mixture of sounds. The classic known rock of The Architects mixed with things from all genre’s creates a chaotic but fun album that coincides with the chaos and havoc happening within the comic.


By itself the album seems like an odd concept, but when you pair it with the comic the album and the lyrics, and instrumentals it comes together to make a good album and story. ‘Border Wars’ wont be going for rock album of the century but they have made some good tunes and have tried hard to bring something new to the table within the music industry.


1. Peter Fonda
2. We’re Goin’ Live
3. Lucky
4. Heartbreaker
5. I Chose Wrong
6. The Shivers

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