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A well-refined and compelling collection of songs.


75 / 100

‘Unimagine’ is Hands Like Houses’ follow up to last year’s well-received ‘Ground Dweller’, and it will without a doubt serve the Canberra-based post hardcore / alternative rockers well, with its infectious hooks and enveloping sense of completeness.

The album is powerfully introduced with ‘Developments’, aptly making way for Unimagine’s first single, ‘Introduced Species’, which is undeniably one of the strongest songs on the album. Each pre-chorus is an outburst of beating bass before the catchier and more danceable chorus, and the simplistic main riff, which reappears throughout the song, unavoidably grasps at you.

‘Weight’ draws back the tempo a touch and introduces some higher parts in Trenton Woodley’s voice, showcasing some diversity. This is followed by the catchy kick and snare beat beginning of ‘The House You Built’. The song unexpectedly has older Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco vibes scattered throughout whilst still retaining a level of heaviness. The band shift around a bit again for acoustic piano track ‘Oceandust’. The song has an enchanting beginning, and it is nice to hear Woodley’s Australian accent come through a little bit.

The energy and general spirit of ‘Fountainhead’ is similar to that of an I the Mighty song, and the track stands up there with ‘Introduced Species’ and the equally great ‘Shapeshifters’. The bridge section hosts a very interesting carnival-like feeling, containing slight hints of flamenco guitar.

The album comes to an end with ‘A Fire On A Hill’, which strangely is also the second single from the band. The greatest thing about ‘A Fire On A Hill’ would have to be the intriguing introduction and instrumental kick in from the band, but the song does not really feel like it should be the second single when there are stronger periods on the album such as, ‘Fountainhead’ and ‘Shapeshifters’.


Although not revolutionary, it would be difficult to suggest that Hands Like Houses are not working at their best with Unimagine. The band have produced engaging songs, which feel like they will still be appreciated by listeners’ a few years down the track.


1. Developments
2. Introduced Species
3. Weight
4. Shapeshifters
5. The House You Built
6. A Tale Of Outer Suburbia
7. Oceandust
8. No Parallels
9. Fountainhead
10. Wisteria
11. A Fire On A Hill

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