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The Ocean Of The Sky


Anger Music Group/Hopeless




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Catchy, lively emo/rock tunes that The Used are known for doing so well.


88 / 100

The musical journey has been a full circle one for The Used. The Utah outfit have gone from a small emo rock group in its infancy, searching for a vocalist to becoming a household name within the alternative scene. The Used have produced great albums in the past and now deliver new EP, ‘The Ocean of the Sky‘, which was recorded and produced by the band independently. 

Beginning with, ‘Iddy Biddy‘, the band immediately brings life to the album as they are the loud and fun rock sounds The Used are known for delivering. They immediately make you want to dance around and sing along – a healthy combination. ‘Quixotica‘ is much the same, with an assertive and energetic sound. Really catchy and really solid songs to start off the EP if nothing else.

Thought Criminal‘ is a lot slower, differing from its predecessors. The song is calm and emotional, the lyrics and soothing tones really pull you in. Bert McCracken’s vocal style is equally mesmerising.

Title track ‘The Ocean of the Sky‘ is a bit more on the generic side. It isn’t a stand out in comparison to the rest, but it still has the potential to grow on you. The lyrics however cause a bit more intrigue.

Quinn Allman’s wife, Megan, stated that the last track, ‘Tethys‘, is fully made by Allman, in their own basement in one all-nighter. A 20-minute instrumental, filled with soft soothing sounds and some strange mixes of indescribable sounds is a lot to take in. This unique track is either going to be one you love or one you can’t stand.

Overall this EP, while short with only five tracks, it really packs a punch and shows The Used’s raw talent that they can produce all by themselves. The mixture of soft sounds, upbeat tempos and some darker styles all mixed into one creates something really interesting and valuable.


This is a great EP, when taking everything into account. It sounds pretty much like the classic The Used that we all know, with its quirky and upbeat rock. Fans and even people who haven’t heard the band before should definitely enjoy these few songs.


1. Iddy Biddy
2. Quixotica
3. Thought Criminal
4. The Ocean of The Sky
5. Tethys 

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