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Eighth full length record from US rock band.


80 / 100

Skillet are no strangers to the spotlight. Having received two Grammy nominations, a gold (Comatose, 2006), and a platinum (Awake, 2009) certified album, it’s safe to say the band well and truly have the ball rolling. Thus begs the question whether or not they can maintain momentum and produce a strong follow-up, a question that is answered in the form of the band’s latest release, ‘Rise.’

Rise‘ is a concept album that tells a coming-of-age narrative of an American teenager who grows up to find his place in the world, and ultimately, to find his faith. From album opener and title track, ‘Rise,’ it seems as if there hasn’t been any crazy amount of progression between ‘Awake’ and ‘Rise.’ It’s very much typical Skillet, as are a couple of other tracks on the album (Sick of It, Not Gonna Die), but not enough that it holds the album back at all.

The electronic side of Skillet‘s music is seen a lot more in this album, quite often blending in to the rest of the music to give it a more digital sound at times (Sick of It, Madness In Me, Circus For A Psycho) contrasting to moments on the album with a much more organic feel (Salvation, My Religion). We can also see a bit of completely new ground covered, with ‘American Noise‘ being a track driven by piano from start to finish, and ‘My Religion,’ a song that is pushed by a swing jazz beat, a heavy departure from what is expected of a band like Skillet.

With the departure of Ben Kasica, the guitarist who recorded on Skillet’s three most successful albums (Collide, Comatose, Awake), there was a lot of speculation among the band’s fanbase as to whether or not the new guitarist, Seth Morrison, could fill the shoes of such a talented musician. Morrison, however proves that he is definitely a fitting replacement for the group on ‘Rise,’ particularly on the album’s standout track, ‘Circus For A Psycho,’ which features a fantastic open string guitar riff, and what is probably the best solo to appear on any Skillet full-length thus far.


To put it simply, ‘Rise’ is a very good record. After a long break between releases, Skillet have put out what is frankly, their best release yet, and one that is bound to only strengthen the band’s already strong fanbase.


  1. Rise
  2. Sick Of It
  3. Good To Be Alive
  4. Not Goona Die
  5. Circus For a Psycho
  6. American Noise
  7. Madness In Me
  8. Salvation
  9. Fire & Fry
  10. My Religion
  11. Hard To Find
  12. What I Believe

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