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Creative and diverse, Falling In Reverse have tried something different and it has worked.


85 / 100

Falling In Reverse have always been at the forefront of the rock/metal "popular" scene – whether for the right or (commonly) wrong reasons.

One of, if not, the main reasons is due to the notoriety of frontman Ronnie Radke. A talented and versatile singer or just a narcissistic brat? The musical jury will always be split.

Putting all that aside, debut album ‘The Drug In Me Is You‘ was where the music finally had a chance to do all the talking. Now, enter sophomore release ‘Fashionably Late‘, and once again, whether unconditionally loved or completely loathed, there is anticipation as to what Falling In Reverse bring to the table.

After ‘Alone‘, the hate was overwhelming. However, perhaps this was misleading when listened to in pure isolation. From the first track, which is appropriately named ‘Champion‘, the album soars into heavy guitars and vocals that make you pay attention. It’s confident if nothing else. There’s a feeling this is Ronnie Radke channeling his Escape the Fate days – with a neat balance of screaming and singing melodically in the chorus.

Bad Girls Club‘ is the equivalent of ‘Good Girls Bad Guys‘ from ‘The Drug In Me Is You‘. This track is as "pop" as you’ll hear from the band. It’s a fun song while having a dig at the "crazy girls" out there. (previous girlfriend that got Ronnie arrested? We all heard about that one).

Rolling Stone‘ begins where ‘Champion‘ ended. Upbeat. Ronnie‘s voice driving the start, precise drumming and guitars filling in the rest. The only issue with this song is the rap section doesn’t feel as lyrically a good fit or as well written as it was in ‘Champion‘.

It’s Over When It’s Over‘ is the token rock ballad. Reflective and meaningful, Radke‘s lyrics are creative with a religious stab. Ronnie sings about his past, the shaking of his demons and how he felt he was trying to get back on track only to fall down again. Writing the wrongs of his past.

Game Over‘ is every super mario bros fan dream song. Even if it is for the fact of hearing the quirky sound of those games again. Getting your life back on track and waking up to the world around you are all the themes of this song. Pop-punk in nature, this is one of the most fun songs on the record.

Self Distruct Personality‘ drives straight into screamo and driving guitars, while ‘Fuck The Rest‘ speaks for itself.

Keep Holding On‘ and ‘Drifter‘ take the tone of the album to a different level. Keeping to the theme of positivity and progress, ‘Keep Holding On‘ perfectly describes the theme of the song. On ‘Drifter‘, Ronnie bares more of his soul in this song and the result is an insight to who he has become and who he still wants to be.

To be honest, individual opinion is probably already decided well before even pressing play. The stubborn side in all of us suggests this stance won’t change after ‘Fashionably Late’ is received. However, looking at this purely dispassionately and objectively, Falling In Reverse do hit some marks.


No matter what Ronnie Radke has done in his past, this record shows the two sides to him that haven’t been shown before. From his cocky and arrogant past to his present and future focus, there’s no denying by the tone of the album he’s aware of his faults and that he is out to make the wrongs right. A solid rock album from start to finish, with a surprising diversity in sound to the lyrical craftmanship. Many people, both fans and non fans alike may be pleasantly surprised by this effort.


1. Champion
2. Bad Girls Club
3. Rolling Stone
4. Fashionably Late
5. Alone
6. Born To Lead
7. It’s Over When It’s Over
8. Game Over
9. Self destruct Personality
10. Fuck The Rest
11. Keep Holding On
12. Drifter
(Bonus Tracks)
13. Where Have You Been
14. Godamn
15. Rolling Stone (Shy Kidx Remix)

8 Responses to “Falling In Reverse – Fashionably Late”

  1. FireEscape

    “Falling In Reverse have always been at the forefront of the rock/metal “popular” scene”

    This is all i have read so far, the opening sentence, and could you actually be any further from the truth?
    Is he saying that the rock/metal ‘popular’ scene has only existed 2 years?
    What a fucking moron.

  2. SteveC

    Just because you disagree with what the reviewer said, doesn’t mean that the review is terrible. In fact I respect the fact he gave a positive review knowing that the user response was probably going to be a whole lotta hate.

  3. FireEscape

    Yeah Fuck off Steve. What he is saying at parts are straight up wrong, nothing to do with the music itself.
    You must be his mate.

  4. MissedChances

    “Creative and diverse, Falling In Reverse have tried something different and it has worked”
    ahahhahahaha. Wow, KYS bringing in the big guns for their reviews.

  5. SerenityRose

    This review is a bit silly, yes, but honestly, this album is going to be very hit and miss with a lot of people before they even press play, that much is correct. “You’re either going to love it or hate it” perfectly describes this album, because, while it still contains a lot of the heavy influences you’d expect, there’s songs like the crazy J-pop sounding “Bad Girls Club” and pseudo-country “Drifter” that completely throw you for a loop, in a great and/or horrible direction depending on how open-minded you are. “Rolling Stone” and “Born To Lead” are the stand-out tracks in my opinion, which (aside from the rapping, which isn’t actually as bad as it sounds if you don’t take it and yourself too seriously) have some pretty ravenous growls to complement Jacky’s shredding and really kick you in the face. Honestly, no matter how much you diss Ronnie and detest the kind of person he (supposedly) is, there’s no denying he has amazing talent in writing, singing, and performing in general. It’s a very experimental record, that much is obvious, and I do facepalm at some moments, but I still fucking love every minute of it and admire the guys for making the music they wanted to make, knowing that it would get a nasty response either way.

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