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'Posi' melodic hardcore that makes a nice change


80 / 100

Sierra are a band that could teach other bands much bigger than them a thing or two about social networking, especially regarding reaching out to a fan base vastly broader than their own local circle. More importantly, everything the band do, they do with an honest intent and authentic meaning, something that is broadcasted load and clear when you give their debut self titled EP a spin.

‘Overcome’ begins in quite the brutal metal fashion, with unforgiving guitar chugs and metal grindings that are joined by incessant drum riffs and vocals, which are shrieking and fierce. Similar to tracks like ‘Chase,’ there isn’t much of a melody to speak of, as it’s fueled more by an erratic, forceful energy and heaviness. However, there is a shift of focus and tone in ‘Selfless,’ where the guitar licks are vigorous and riffs are soaring, but the overall sound is somewhat quieter and more melodic in nature. Indeed, Sierra are unfailingly elegant and haunting in the song writing, and in the instrumentally focused track, ‘Imagery’ they prove they have got the "melodic" part of melodic hardcore well and truly covered.

Ultimately, tracks like ‘Restitution’ and ‘Selfless’ are a potent, ruthless musical canvas for a wider message the band strives to emulate in the entire EP. Lyrics such as, "what happened to being selfless…its time to give back to those who gave to me" possess a surprising maturity that far exceeds expectations, given the apparent youthfulness of the members. The aggression that comes out of the band’s chosen medium of expression can be misleading, as they turn tables on their head lyrically, with themes that are positive and inspiring, as apposed to the typically dark, self-defeating themes exhausted in the genre.


While on the first listen the EP doesn’t sound all that different from the myriad of other bands (read: Counterparts, Worthwhile, Hundredth) who play the melodic hardcore card, on giving the EP more than a couple of listens, each songs begin to flesh itself out in an increasingly intensified and impressive manner, and the true value of Sierra’s metal inclined, ‘positive’ melodic hardcore becomes apparent.


1. Overcome
2. Selfless
3. Imagery
4. Restitution
5. Chase

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