I Can See Mountains – Life on a Houseboat


Life on a Houseboat


Panic Records




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An extremely lively, upbeat mix of indie and pop punk.


85 / 100

I Can See Mountains have made themselves known throughout the indie scene in their hometown of Buffalo, NY, as they were swooped up by Panic Records. Enter,  ‘Life on a Houseboat,’ which has turned ears all over the globe with a mixture of indie and pop punk, with fast rock tempos and catchy choruses. 

Life on a Houseboat‘ is a product of the energy and time that I Can See Mountains have managed to put into the album. The entire full-length is upbeat, happy and even a little crazy in sound as it oozes fast, energetic sounds. Its press release calls it, ‘a Summer soundtrack‘ to which one would have to agree as it embellishes all the emotions and experiences of a teenage summer vacation. ‘One Mirror, Two Bodies‘ captures all this perfectly with its strong rock and punk pop tones that set you up for what’s to come.

With all the sounds going on you can tell that I Can See Mountains have really tried to showcase their skills in all the different areas they could, with catchy pop punk and ideal vocals mixed with a hint of raw tones mixed in at times. The elements of pop, indie and punk all mixed together could be recipe for disaster but I Can See Mountains prove they can pull it off as all these elements combine to make you bounce around in your seat.

The album throughout also holds good instrumentals and guitar riffs. With all the elements present, the instrumentals prove to be the strong back bone to the success of ‘Life on a Houseboat‘, as songs such as ‘I Play Fox‘ hold a great melody, catchy beat and great guitar riffs. While these passages are not the most complex thing on earth they prove to work well with the album.

There’s a lot going on, with the fast tempos and overlapping vocals. Depending on your own music tastes you could look at this record as a train wreck. But, as a lover of pop punk and these rising tempos, these sounds do work well together. It does produce some slower parts to songs where you can catch your breathe, such as the start of ‘One Big Table.’

Life as a Houseboat‘ is a great album if you are into the indie and punk pop scene. It is the perfect album for a mood lifter or to dance around to in your room when no one is watching. I Can See Mountains have managed to make a successful combination of genres with skill and a catchy as hell sound.


‘Life on a Houseboat’ is a good feeling, upbeat album that captures the experience of growing up, with its sounds and lyrics together. It is a full on album with continuous energy that a fan of indie or pop punk music would take a liking to.


1. One Mirror, Two Bodies
2. Life On a Houseboat
3. Sea Legs
4. Snake Eater
5. She’s My Bobby Orr
6. I Play the Fox
7. Sweater Science
8. Campfire Skin (Pt. 2)
9. Glory
10. One Big Table
11. The Tigers Have Found Me and I Do Not Care – See more at: 

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