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Solid rock and Roll album with a great lyrical edge to make you want to sing along from start to finish.


75 / 100

After having a successful and more career focused 2012, opening for the likes of Slash on his North American tour and winning the JUNO award for "Breakthrough group of the year", Monster Truck have regrouped and taken two months to lay down 12 tracks that have become the aptly named, ‘Furiosity‘.

Opener, ‘The Giant‘ is a hard rock anthem with driven guitars. Surely one to make you stand up and pay attention from the get go. ‘Call It A Spade‘ feels more inspired by country rock ‘n’ roll. Guitars groove along with Jon Harvey‘s soaring vocals. This song is sure to get your foot tapping and fist pumping.

The more soulful, ‘My Love Is True‘ showcases Harvey’s voice control from the lower to high registry. It makes you wonder how this band hasn’t broken out sooner. ‘My Love is True‘, especially with the gang vocals comes together nicely towards the end of the song.

Old Train‘ starts with the sound of, you guessed it, a train flying by in the background. Lyrics like, "I’m moving on baby I may never come back, the bells are ringing, the whistle sounds, metal on metal singing out through the sky" makes you want to sing out the verse at the top of your lungs.

Power Of The People‘ is signposted by positive lyrics and vocal presence, while ‘Sweet Mountain River‘ (the band’s lead single), tells of getting away to somewhere better with that someone you want to share everything with. Great guitar solos and pulsating drums make this song a great one.

Harvey’ s vocal presence when belting out lines like "Burning in my soul. Oh I can see with my eyes closed. I can see it all. Oh a new day is dawning", is impressive, with ‘Oh Lord‘ and ‘For The Sun‘ having that laid back rock feel.


Monster Truck have delivered a fast paced rock’n’roll album that will be sure to please the fans of most genres. Furiosity makes for a great listening experience with a simple  formula. Keep the lyrics fun and keep the guitars and drums churning. Definitely worth a listen whether your a fan of alternative, metal or punk this album will keep you entertained.


1. The Giant
2. Call It A Spade
3. My Love Is True
4. Old Train
5. The Lion
6. Power Of The People
7. Sweet Mountain River
8. Psychics
9. Oh Lord
10. For The Sun
11. Boogie
12. Undercover Love

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