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There’s no denying hardcore has grown into an extremely prominent part within the alternative music scene for decades now. Yet a lot of bands throughout the scene fall into the trap of the same continuous sounds of repetitive breakdowns and vocals. However, with the introduction of Liferuiner’s new album ‘Future Revisionists’ we see the group re-invent themselves.

In late 2011 Liferuiner announced they would be taking a different direction from their last albums, which were successful in the hardcore world, with more ‘positive and melodic’ sounds.

I wanted to make music that’s honest and sincere, and I want to make something that matters to people. Even if people don’t listen to metal or hardcore, [they] can at least get behind the things we stand for–[we are] heavily into gay rights, and women’s rights, and the social and political injustices that go on in the world,” explained front man Johnny O’Callaghan.

Some may have been skeptical, but as you listen to this album those people should be pleasantly surprised as it is still a hardcore album and still sounds like Liferuiner.  But, arguably better than ever with elements heavier than previous elements sprinkled with subtle and serene moments of slow guitars met in songs such as ‘Fissure.’

This new found ‘positive movement’ is constantly prominent with songs such as ‘C.O.P.E’ and ‘Dreamcatchers’, acting as anthems to the listeners – providing hope, acceptance or whatever they may be looking for. Lyrics from ’Dreamcatchers’ include “You need to believe in the dreams worth waking up for–you need to believe that there’s something more, something worth living for”, which emphasises this positivity.

Throughout ‘Future Revisionists’, the instrumentals included break a new ground for Liferuiner as something quite different to the sounds from their previous works. While, they may fall into the well known trap of the hardcore genre in which they lack an overt amount of technical skill and sound repetitive at times, (which is basically the only negative comment), they sure do know how to present catchy tunes and some heavy, hardcore breakdowns that mix so well with the slower guitar elements used. This along with the brutal, yet interesting vocals, which sound like a plea or a protest throughout the album, work together to create a great album.


‘Future Revisionists’ breaks new ground for Liferuiner and shows their ability to branch out in the hardcore genre. The album shows bonecrushing breakdowns met with some soft, melodic guitars in order to create the perfect setting for their attempt at an album that can be deemed a positive influence. The breakdowns within each song do sound similar to one another at times, but the soft guitars are able to balance this out, allowing one to hardly notice, but rather enjoy, the album at its fullest. 


1. Vacant
2. Waivered Lives
3. Savages
4. Feeling Meaning
5. C.O.P.E.
6. Fissure
7. Harvest Famine
8. Despair
9. Dreamcatcher
10. Self-Purgatory

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