Outsiders Code – Exiled From Birth


Exiled From Birth


Resist Records




For Fans Of

50 Lions - Have Heart


Real, bone crushing hardcore


73 / 100

Outsiders Code are an ideal product of the heart of Australian hardcore. New album, ‘Exiled From Birth’ certainly does not fall short of its promise as a heavy hardcore album.

While, Outsiders Code identify, and are widely known as a hardcore band, on a first-up listen to this new full-length you can hear something more than the usual sounds found in today’s cliché hardcore scene. It’s something of substance. ‘Exiled From Birth’ sounds like it has gained some influence from heavier metal genres. It’s not a stretch to say if you didn’t know what these guys looked like, just from a listen you wouldn’t be too surprised if they turned out to wear corpse paint.

The instrumental sounds throughout the album prove to be heavy yet complex, a love for those that just want to head bang and those who seek musical prowess in an album. These sounds mix well with the vocal method used. Their promotion states they mean business and there is no denying that statement with bone crushing, heavy as hell guitars, and drums along with a brutal voice that reminds us a little of Corey Taylor at times.

However, on listening to the entire album, ‘Exiled From Birth’ feels like it could all be put together as one song. If you like their style and don’t want anything to change, you will love it, but the album doesn’t show much diversity throughout the songs.

Overall the release has some great tunes and if you are into the heavy hardcore scene Outsiders Code are definitely worth a look in. The album shows musical skill and provides a great head banging, moshing album.


This short 10 track album shows potential and is great if you love heavy hardcore. It shows great skill throughout. However, the album does seem rather repetitive in sound at times.


1. Pray For Me
3. Outsider For Life
4. Regain Control
5. Becoming
6. The End
7. Barren Land
8. Unseen
9. Instilled
10. Road To Peace

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