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It is almost a little bit cliché in the world of music, but for some reason there are drastic changes to a band when they free themselves from a big bad record label. While technically 2011’s ‘The Valley’ was Eisley’s major label departure release, their fourth record ‘Currents’ sees the band seeming a little more settled and unafraid of venturing into the unknown.

Does that make this their boldest release to date? It’s pretty safe to say yes, but whether or not that is a good thing will be up for debate.

Whilst the group’s moody, indie rock is still on display, it is given many more layers than ever before, playing into the darker corners of the band’s sound. The opening and title track has energy offset with obscure vocals and irritable guitars hinting at a touch of experimentation. This is pushed further with the following track ‘Blue Fish’, which treats its vocals like a cut up electronic sample.

The music has a way of overshadowing the voices on this record however, a great example is one of the album highlights ‘Save My Soul‘, which has a bass line that carries the song and sets the dance like mood. ‘Real World’ is the catchiest track on the album, its melodies will stay stuck in your head despite the fact the song takes left turns where it would usually take rights, want a hooky radio chorus? Too bad.

The second half of the record delivers an even mix of the group’s penchant for atmospheric experimentation and some straight forward rocking. The latter possibly coming in a little too late as there is a lot of “musical expression” to sit through, but tracks such as the folky ‘The Night Comes’ are situated to remind you that there is a band that likes to play music with instruments underneath all of the art.


Eisley made no secret of the fact they were free to experiment and create on this new album, and they have certainly done that. However, there are moments on the record in which their freedom got the better of the songs.


1. Currents
2. Blue Fish
3. Drink The Water
4. Save My Soul
5. Millstone
6. Real World
7. Wicked Child
8. Find Me Here
9. Wonder English
10. Lost Enemies
11. The Night Comes
12. Shelter

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