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Classic, heavy Escape the Fate with some mainstream influence.


68 / 100

Escape the Fate have faced much controversy and change over the years. With what seems to be a continual loss of members and gaining of new members, each album sounds rather different to the previous. This time around is no exception with their new debut album ‘Ungrateful’ holding a very different feel to their last 2010 self titled release.

The album begins with the single of the album – the full length’s title track. This as the first song creates a lot of high expectations for the release as the song is powerful and well written, something even the Ronnie supporters could agree is a great piece.

Throughout the whole album there is a good mixture of the harsh screams and the smooth clean vocals of Craig Mabbitt the band have now become known for. These vocals are backed up by the soaring riffs of Monte Money and the catchy, somewhat metalcore, sounds of Escape the Fate. These sounds prove to come together as a real fan pleaser, with songs such as ‘You’re Insane’ making you want to dance and shout along.

However, while the record features some catchy, classic Escape the Fate, there are songs and elements throughout the release, which prove somewhat of a disappointment as they seem to lack any push or experimentation, moving towards a more radio friendly sound. Songs such as ‘Desire’ and ‘Chemical Love’ really emphasise this radio friendly vibe and honestly let down the album somewhat.

The album packs a punch with some of its harder songs and has the potential to be something amazing but, it seems a little watered down. ‘Picture Perfect’ deserves an honourable mention though, as even as a slow song, this song does deliver as a bit of a tear jerker.

Ungrateful’ is not the best album out right now, but in saying that its not bad either. It’s worth a listen if you have the time, or if you are already a fan of the ‘new’ Escape the Fate then it should be right up your alley.


‘Ungrateful’ is an album that sits on the fence. It’s not terrible, however it shows a potential that Escape the Fate did not manage to fill. It’s very classic Escape the Fate, a little more mainstream but worth a listen for its more heavy and catchy elements. 


1. "Ungrateful"
2. "Until We Die"
3. "Live Fast, Die Beautiful"
4. "Forget About Me"
5. "You’re Insane"
6. "Chemical Love"
7. "Picture Perfect"
8. "Risk It All"
9. "Desire"
10. "One for the Money"
11. "Fire It Up"

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