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Columbus duo present third album.


64 / 100

There’s much to be said about not judging a book by its cover and with album art like that one the listener is presented with on Twenty One Pilots’ new album, ‘Vessel’, the statement becomes even more profound.

Colourful, eccentric, flamboyant? Whatever fancy adjectives you choose to define Columbus duo Twenty One Pilots they certainly keep things interesting and forward moving with their musical approach.

Whether it’s quirky for the sake of being quirky, it really matters little. Within the mix and often mishmash of genres, Twenty One Pilots are actually quite controlled and construct their music in an accessible way.

The strong electronic tones might instantly deter, but this is a bit more to this band and sound when you scratch below the surface. Are they closer aligned with rock or perhaps pop? The feel changes with each subsequent and transitioning song.

Vessel’ is innocent fun. It contains that Owl City type feel to it – but, a more respectable version. Not one that is draining the listener with generic and repetitive drone. Openers, ‘Ode to Sleep’ and ‘Holding On To You’ both employ upbeat rhythms, use of electronics and gentle, melodic vocals.

It does start to lose a little gloss as an entire album is a lot to ask in terms of attention, but there’s well-placed tracks that offer a little bit of variety. ‘Car Radio’ saves the full-length from losing focus and engagement. It’s sincere, cascading and builds throughout. Probably the standout track.

The tail end does tend to blur into itself. The premise is established early and the latter tracks just reinforce what we’ve already heard.


 ‘Vessel’ is an inviting listen. It’s eccentric, it’s eclectic and keeps interest. There are moments that feel hollow and maybe just repetitive though. It’s still a balancing act for Twenty One Pilots. For the time being, you accept the bad because the good seems to outweigh the most.


1. Ode to Sleep
2. Holding On To You
3. Migraine
4. House Of Gold
5. Car Radio
6. Semi-Automatic
7. Screen
8. The Run and Go
9. Fake You Out
10. Guns For Hands
12. Truce

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