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Shift of Redemption


Think Fast!




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Crushing, chaotic, sometimes even kinda catchy - a very solid release from start to finish.


70 / 100

Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you forever!” snarls frontman Jeffrey Lohrber on ‘Live Low’, the second track on crust-influenced hardcore outfit Enabler‘s new EP, ‘Shift of Redemption‘. It’s an accurate summary of the caustic, harsh and abrasive nature of the band on the release, following their incredible 2012 album ‘All Hail the Void‘.

Throughout less than 12 minutes, ‘Shift of Redemption‘ sees the Milwaukee quartet retain the energy and aggression the band have built their sound upon while stepping outside of their comfort zone a little to deliver a highly captivating EP. The opening title track begins a burst of raw, frenetic energy – dissonant, chaotic guitars are backed by an extremely tight rhythm section and Lohrber‘s low, misanthropic roar. The aforementioned ‘Live Low’ and ‘Sacrifice’ continue in generally the same chaotic manner; each holding onto the band’s ferocity while playing around with the way it’s presented. There’s some interesting experimentation in the way Enabler explore ideas around pace, melody and dynamics on this EP. Some of the almost hooky melodic riffs keep the general tone of the songs interesting while still being decidedly malevolent. Despite, or perhaps because of this, ‘Shift of Redemption‘ lacks some of the punch and raw savagery of ‘All Hail the Void‘.

Album closer ‘Fall Selflessly’ delves into a much slower, atmospheric sound that borders on sludgy territory. It’s a fantastic way to end the record, because at its core it carries the pissed off nihilism of the first three tracks while demonstrating the band’s sheer versatility and knack for engaging songwriting – the last minute or so picks up the pace again with dynamic punk energy, and though it’s cool that the lead out captures the band doing arguably what they do best, it would have been interesting to see them flesh out this brief post-metal outing a little more fully.


On ‘Shift of Redemption’, Enabler proudly carve out their place as a forward-thinking group showing no signs of losing momentum. It’s angry, loud, and raucous – but with enough creative flair and experimentation to stay unique.


1. Shift of Redemption
2. Live Low
3. Sacrifice
4. Fall Selflessly

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