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Luck (EP)






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Debut EP from local rockers.


68 / 100

It’s an interesting proposition being the new kids on the block. There’s a duality to it. Do you consider it an exciting opportunity to make an impression or do you approach it timidly like being the new kid at school? It’s the glass half-full/half empty dilemma.

Local boys Ceres (pronounced: Series) are the optimists in the musical equation if debut EP ‘Luck’ is evidence. The style is not ground breaking, it is nothing new, but the sound is honest and the presentation clear. The latter is particularly important particularly when starting out. You want the listener to comprehend and embrace, not scratch the head.

Fortunately, ‘Luck’ avoids common pitfalls. It isn’t let down by lax production quality nor is it ruined by lazy shortcuts.

Opener ‘Damn Lies’ quickly establishes this as mid-paced rock with a strong emphasis on emotion and melody. It doesn’t have to be reinventing the wheel, it just has to enter the ears and retain itself in the listener’s mind.

Notes’ explores the band’s hooks and again flows well. The title track has a gentle charm to it. Perhaps a little slow and mundane in sections, but genre releases as such need that softer track, right?!

Burnley’, perhaps a reference to the group’s inner city Melbourne roots, is another exercise in lyrical sentiment. Maybe nit-picking slightly, but ‘Hughes St’ needs more punch.

Luck’ is easy to grasp and no-nonsense in approach. Perhaps we’ll need to see a little bit more going forward, but for introduction’s sake ‘Luck’ is quite effective.


 ‘Luck’ establishes local new boys Ceres in an ideal manner. Five simple tracks that are relatable and enjoyable. That’s always the main thing.


1. Damn Lies
2. Notes
3. Luck
4. Burnley
5. Hughes St.

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