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Hardcore party boys return


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For a band that admittedly started as nothing more than a bit of fun, Deez Nuts are certainly making firm imprints on a genre that wasn’t sure whether to embrace or ridicule what the band initially offered.

This is a full-time beast now. JJ Peters is removed from the Prom Queen psyche and channelling all the creative attention towards DN. Coupling this and adding to the legitimacy, is the introduction of permanent members. It is the music that benefits.

Third studio album ‘Bout It’ realigns things. Predecessor ‘This One’s For You’ was entertaining, but made you question how much more you could milk from an already very literal style of music. It was solid but a little played out. ‘Bout It’ though is again engaging and seems to benefit from more direction. More hands make for lighter work. It is focused if nothing else.

The structure remains the same. The themes typical. The music sounds renewed though. Once again, ‘Bout It’ probably won’t draw in new fans. It’s not a negative statement, but highlights the fact that if you haven’t been taken in yet, ‘Bout It’ is not an evolution or departure that would make you change your mind. However, for fans, this full-length is perhaps the most consistent in the collection.

It is well produced and gets the sound across. The delivery isn’t let down by a lack of intensity. You can’t expect something unusual and progressive here, ‘Shot After Shot’ is Deez Nuts being Deez Nuts. And you know what…it’s enjoyable.

Unfuckwithable’ – sure, not a word. It’s punchy nevertheless. Sensitivity is not a consideration, with song titles such as, ‘Go Fuck Yourself.’

Band of Brothers’, featuring ArchitectsSam Carter, is an ideal closer. Anthemic, catchy and signs things off well. ‘Bout It’ could’ve easily been a nail in the coffin. Thankfully, it achieves the opposite. It ensures Deez Nuts have plenty to still offer.


Deez Nuts have crafted an album that is worthy of a listen. The band might have a relaxed and party persona, but the music is written and performed in a professional sense.


1. Bout It
2. Shot After Shot
3. Not A Face in the Crowd
4. Keep On
5. Popular Demand
6.Go Fuck Yourself
7. Don’t Act Like You Already Know
8. What WE Eat Don’t Make YOU Shit
9. Call To Arms
10. Streets Are Watching
11. Public Service Announcement
12. Unfuckwithable
13. I.D.K.W.Y.T.Y.A.B.I.K.W.D.G.A.F.A.Y
14. Life You Live
15. True Colors
16. Band of Brothers

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