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Dark metal from an anonymous clan.


70 / 100

Ok, so any press release that affirms an album to be, “sexually charged and demonically conveyed” automatically demands interest. Right?!

It is anonymity in its purest, most intended form. Swedish metallers Ghost are truly the inconspicuous. In a manner of speaking, it’s quite admirable – let the music do the talking. However, in a contradictory way, is this really the case? Is it the music or the concealed imagery that is generating the most intrigue? It matters very little though as this is old-school flavoured metal, with an interesting modern face.

Sophomore album, ‘Infestissumam’ ensures this isn’t a cheap gimmick. The music is well formed and the sound consistent with its predecessor. It’s dark, it’s blasphemous and it’s deliberate.

For a metal album, debut ‘Opus Eponymous’ had some catchy hooks and upbeat, accessible moments mixed within the prevailing menace. It’s a mild tempo approach again on ‘Infestissumam’, which makes the music easy to absorb. The album doesn’t beat you down or assert itself on you. It’s tranquil and transcending, albeit in malevolent form.

Take away the lyrical matter, ‘Jigolo Har Megiddo’ could easily fit the rotation of most commercial day-time radio stations. Much like ‘Stand By Him’ from full-length one, it contains that trademark Swedish rhythm.

Secular Haze’ is psychedelic and reeks of the 70’s, while the opening refrains of ‘Year Zero’ sound like something lifted from The Omen’s soundtrack. Solid track nonetheless.

Ghuleh / Zombie Queen’, at seven-and-a-half minutes is a little played out. It’s too slow to maintain. The remainder of the album plays out in familiar fashion. You know the drill – doomy riffs, cascading vocals about Satan, and mid-range patterns.

Infestissumam’ is a decent follow-up and guarantees Ghost don’t fall into the tacky category.


Even if the imagery is the appeal that draws the listener in, give Ghost’s sound a listen in unbiased form. Interesting band, interesting album.


1. Infestissumam
2. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
3. Secular Haze
4. Jigolo Har Megiddo
5. Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
6. Year Zero
7. Body And Blood
8. Idolatrine
9. Depth Of Satan’s Eyes
10. Monstrance Clock
11. La Mantra Mori
12. I’m A Marionette

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