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Cost of Living


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Aggressive, crushing metallic hardcore.


70 / 100

Incendiary are a band from Long Island, NY who have been steadily making a name for themselves with a brand of heavy, aggressive hardcore in the vein of Strife and Snapcase infused with a metal-influenced quality that makes for a somewhat more compelling listen than bands that attempt to imitate a similar sound to average effect. ‘Cost of Living‘, the band’s sophomore full-length takes the Incendiary sound crafted on earlier releases, tightens things up and delivers it all with a greater sense of confidence to provide a collection of powerful, passionate NYHC gems.

Opener “Zeitgeist” builds up slowly with hard-as-nails riffs backed up by a rock solid rhythm section. It quite accurately sets the tone for the record, which for the most part sticks to a quite formulaic method. The mid-tempo pace maintained throughout the record does little to detract from the intensity of the album – indeed, some of the slower tracks provide some of the most crushingly heavy moments on the record. That said, there are times throughout where this can become somewhat grating and the energy suffers as a result.

Incendiary‘s metallic undertones shine through a little more on ‘Cost of Living‘ than in previous efforts, with tracks such as “Burnt Sacrifice” are reminiscent of early Victory metalcore acts such as Earth Crisis – a welcome influence. In saying that, Incendiary manage to produce a sound that feels uniquely their own on ‘Cost of Living‘. The downside is that most tracks on the record feel like they stay true to a pattern and while their sound as a whole is quite refreshing and distinct, parts in the songs themselves can feel indistinguishable from one another.

Lyrically, the band are a cut above, particularly when concerning social and political issues. “Force of Neglect” features some of the record’s best writing, addressing the issue of police brutality. “You’ll never forget his face / We’ll always remember his name”, screams vocalist Brendan Garone.


With ‘Cost of Living’, Incendiary deliver a very solid, ferocious metallic hardcore record with a distinct sound drawn from a variety of influences. Along with Nails’ most recent effort ‘Abandon All Life’, ‘Cost of Living’ ultimately proves one of the more hard-hitting hardcore records to be released so far this year.


1. Zeitgeist
2. Primitive Rage
3. The Power Process
4. Burnt Sacrifice
5. Deed Before Creed
6. Snake
7. Force of Neglect
8. S.O.V.
9. Erase Myself
10. Silence Is a Sentence

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