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Gold Fields turned out to be quite a special little secret that Ballarat was keeping. They proved this last year with a bunch of live runs that showed some impressively tight performance and song-writing skills. With only a few EPs to back this up, the time has come for the band’s debut Black Sun,’ but the question is, are they able to capture the energy of their live set on tape?

If opening track ‘Meet My Friends is anything to go by, the answer is yes, as the band’s electronic tinged dance rock packs quite a punch. The deep bass fuzzes are offset against sweet and melodic verse breaks then stomping drum driven chorus lines. The sound throws back to the 80’s every now and then, possibly in part due to the heavy use of synthesisers, but also the atmospheric air of the vocals on track like album highlight ‘Dark Again.’

Things simmer down for the lounge chill out vibe of ‘Happy Boy allowing a sense of funk to creep in from the guitar lines and percussion before the indie rock inspired mid-section of the album led by tracks like ‘Thunder.’ The band’s live set often included musical tangents at random points in songs and it is easy to see how that transcended into the song-writing for the album. Tracks like ‘The Woods put the vocals in the back seat and allow things to be driven by the rhythmic changes, the song is "jam-like" enough on the record let alone considering the live possibilities.

It is slightly disappointing to see the inclusion of tracks like ‘Moves,’ which has been taken from the latest EP, regardless of the fact it is a great song as it would have been good to see a fresh playlist for the record. The album closes with the dark tones and rumbling drum patterns of ‘Anxiety,’ and an electro induced remix of ‘Moves‘ which completely changes the mood of the original.


Unlike most new bands, Gold Fields seem as though they have no need to grow. Their sound is already diverse and experimental, creating endless possibilities, and above all, extremely well executed. The fact that the recordings can match the intensity of their live show is just another big tick for this impressive outfit.


1. Meet My Friends
2. Dark Again
3. Treehouse
4. Happy Boy
5. Thunder
6. Ice
7. Closest I Could Get
8. The Woods
9. Moves
10. You’re Still Gone
11. Anxiety

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