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An exciting preamble to part two of Hundredth's two part EP.


85 / 100

There has been much speculation over whether or not melodic hardcore gem, Hundredth are a ‘Christian band’ or not – a label the South Carolina boys seem to resent as it places them in a box they have since indicated they don’t wish to be in. Regardless of the religious beliefs of the members, the first part of their double EP ‘Revolt’ veers towards the realms of political commentary that seems to have the attention of a great deal of hardcore bands at the moment. The result sees Hundredth as a band – and we use this phrase with trepidation but also with sincerity – that can do no wrong.

Revolt‘ is an EP that oozes intelligence and shows off the group’s meticulous song writing creativity that expels aggression and confronts issues on a scale proportionate to their obvious passion. ‘Ruin’ is a warning for the future with lyrics like “what we take for granted will take us in return,” and with some of the best and clearest growling vocals in the genre of melodic hardcore, possess the urgency and aggression required to match the somber nature of the message Hundredth seek to communicate.

Savages’ possess all the chaos and sincerity of previous Hundredth material while introducing fans to a driving melodic sound that is heavier and darker than before. ‘Free Mind, Open Spirit’ tracks a similar path, starting out strong with vigorous percussion and that settles into a steadfast pace that seems to key down the melody in favor a sporadic hardcore intensity.

Throughout, both tracks heed listeners with messages of warning, and this continues on in ‘Barren’, which begins with a quote from Jane Goodall that addresses human destruction of the earth and is backed by ominous bass leads and a robust drum track. ‘Barren’ is finite, concluding with the simplistic but lasting message “we reap what we sow.” Finally, proving that keeping it short and sweet packs the most punch for Hundredth is ‘Euclid (Slave Song)’ – a song that stands as one of the strongest on the album and will leave listeners eagerly anticipating part two – Resist.


Hundredth are oddly unknown outside of the intricate and dense world of melodic hardcore, a phenomenon that seems strange given their undeniable talent and devotion to what they do. The first in a double EP, ‘Revolt’ is a takes a darker, larger scale approach that establishes Hundredth as a band that make music for the worthwhile purpose of communicate a wider message.


1. Ruin
2. Savages
3. Free Mind Open Spirit
4. Barren
5. Euclid (Slave Song)

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