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D At Sea and his debut EP Unconscious may just be the begging of a new dynamic in how indie artists go about making their fame.


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D at Sea is an artist of the new generation. Making his fame from posting his own acoustic interpretations of beloved hardcore tunes such as Amity’s ‘Anchors’ and Parkway Drive’s ‘Carrion,’ on YouTube, his innovation and undeniable talent has allowed him to tour with some of hardcore’s biggest names, just from his covers alone. All his hard work has paid off big time and now truly having created a name for himself, modest Brisbane boy, Doyle Perez, going by the pseudonymn of D at Sea has just extended his repertoire with the release of ‘Unconscious.’ An EP that constitutes the softly quaint, occasionally harrowing acoustic musings that listeners are used to from his YouTube videos, ‘Unconscious’ introduces a dash of personality that makes D at Sea’s first offering shine.

‘Unconscious’ makes a statement with its single track ‘December,’ demonstrating with the use of simplistic vocal layering and unobtrusive acoustic guitar work, that an album doesn’t have to be complex to be impressive. While D at Sea obviously has roots in the hardcore genre, he has chosen in his first record to veer far away from this path and instead opted to deliver to us a concentrated dosage of sweet, sometimes cheery pop tunes, as can be heard in ‘Without You’ – a song that provides the rich personality and charm mentioned earlier.

With song writing and instrumentation that appears effortless for D at Sea, the title track on the record, ‘Unconscious,’ with its catchy guitar riffs and darker lyrics that begin to reveal the hardcore learning of D At Sea, may be one of the stand out tracks on an EP that proudly boasts a filler count of zero. Again, we hear a comforting simplicity in the vocal work and lyrics, with the repetition of “its all over now” in ‘All Over’ which instead of becoming formulaic and repetitive, still maintains the right amount of variation to keep listeners hooked. ‘Unconscious’ ends on a delicious finisher in the form the nostalgic ambiance of ‘Take Me Home,’ which is bound to leave the listener craving to hear more.


The initial taste of D at Sea’s original material in the shape of ‘Unconscious’ has left an impression that will last, and simultaneously established one of the scenes most promising Australian artists as no longer a dabbler in covers, but an accomplished singer/song writer in his own right who will soon have both hardcore kids and fans of the acoustic eagerly awaiting his next move.


1. December
2. All Over
3. Unconscious
4. Without You
5. Take Me Home

3 Responses to “D at Sea – Unconscious”

  1. azarmi93

    Upon my discovery of ‘Carrion’ I instantly become hooked. The hardcore scene was something I seldom ventured into as I lack the ability to appreciate what so many fans & Doyle clearly do. However, D at Sea bridged the gap between my more ‘subtle’ musical taste and a genre of music in which some of the most heart-wrenching lyrics are expressed. D at Sea generously and wholeheartedly offered his talents on YouTube for free and this is what ultimately convinced me to purchase his newly released ‘Unconscious’ EP. Having listened to his cover songs endlessly I took advantage of the download link D kindly left for us, and in a day & age where piracy is widespread it was this refreshing show of generosity that earned D enough respect and admiration for me to actually purchase music which I believe to be worth paying for. Perhaps more mainstream artists could learn from this. I am indeed a big fan of D at Sea and was thrilled to buy an EP which kept consistent with his cover songs I have grown so familiar with.

    (K at Sea)

  2. lcameron

    After hearing your beautiful cover of ‘Second & Sebring’ by Of Mice & Men I instantly fell in love with the music D At Sea makes. A wonderful musician and a great inspiration. ‘Unconscious’ is one of the greatest debut EP’s that I have heard personally. There is great contrast between each song and there has to be at least one song on the EP that anyone can relate to or just have a good jam to. I love the dynamics that is used by Doyle in his covers and especially his EP. Just… so perfect. 10/10 ! – Lachlan

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