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It isn’t until now, with their second record Arc‘ that British indie pop band Everything Everything are starting to get some worldwide attention. In Australia they can thank Triple J and their single ‘Cough Cough‘, an eclectic little number with plenty of melody and quirk, for said attention.

Considering how well constructed and cohesive ‘Arc‘ is, and the fact that it is extremely diverse within itself, it shouldn’t be very hard for the band to raise their fans base quite quickly. Sure, Cough Cough is a great track, and it is the perfect way to get people’s attention, but once you dig deeper you will find there are many more shades to the Everything Everything palate. Take the creepy jangles and falsetto vocals of ‘Torso Of The Week for example, sounds that are rooted in an undeniable groove which continues all the way through to ‘Choice Mountain‘, a track that has the instruments working perfectly with one another despite the exuberant changes to the sound scape.

An album highlight is the string laden ‘Duet‘, which is driven by its subtle yet powerful vocal melodies and rumbling drum lines. The album’s title track is a sparse, minimalist affair that has haunting undertones and no real presence, almost as if you are waiting for something happen that simply won’t. This leads into the electronic number ‘Armourland,’ a glitchy track with 80’s like chorus lines that is another example of the far reaching boundaries of the group’s style.

Another stand-out is The House Is Dust which is once again little of nothing, a bridging track with a unique feel to it that sets up the dynamics of the record as it turns into a piano balled before the funk laden closer ‘Don’t Try‘.

The second disc features an extension/retake on the album’s title track, three b-sides, a remix of ‘Don’t Try and an alternative version of ‘Duet which removes everything bar the strings and vocals which makes these already brilliant parts have even more effect.


Everything Everything have achieved what every musician dreams of, a solid release which allows them to follow-up with pretty much anything they want due to its diversity. ‘Arc’ doesn’t contain a dull moment.


1. Cough Cough  
2. Kemosabe  
3. Torso Of The Week 
4. Duet 
5. Choice Mountain 
6. Feet for Hands 
7. Undrowned 
8. _Arc_  
9. Armourland  
10. The House Is Dust  
11. Radiant  
12. The Peaks  
13. Don’t Try  
14. Awe/Arc 
15. No Plan
16. Justice
17. Duet (Alternative Version)
18. Don’t Try (Everything Everything Remix)
19. Distrikt!  

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