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Catchy melodic punk rock with the honesty and authenticity that makes a record like this great.


90 / 100

It’s an unbelievably infurating feeling following a band’s career from quite early on and, with each new album, feeling like they’ve only just missed crafting a classic record. This was arguably the case for Off With Their Heads, a Minesotta punk band, until now – new album ‘Home‘ just, quite simply, totally fucking nails it.

Melodic, punchy, anthemic punk rock flows infectiously throughout the 12 tracks on ‘Home‘. Album opener ‘Start Walking‘ sets the mood instantly, a fast-paced, catchy introduction to the record with a tight rhythm section, singer/guitarist Ryan Young‘s gruff, harsh vocals and introspective, relatable lyrics concerning identity and self-worth.

What’s interesting about ‘Home‘ is that whilst feeling like a very polished, cohesive record in terms of production – a task handled by none other than DescendentsBill Stevenson – sincere, genuine lyrics and subject matter and raucous punk energy manage to maintain something that feels raw, honest.

First single ‘Nightlife’ is a solid example of how it all comes together; if infectiously catchy choruses, strong, driving basslines and melodic guitar parts are your jam this record won’t fail to deliver. That said, ‘Home‘ isn’t all big hearty singalongs, and the balladry of slower numbers ‘Don’t Make Me Go‘ and ‘Stolen Away‘ shows the band’s ability to tackle songwriting in a touch more sombre fashion without it feeling weak.

Lyrically, ‘Home‘ is quite personal while remaining quite universally relatable. “I don’t feel like me / whatever that’s supposed to be” declares Young on ‘Shirts‘ and it’s a sentiment echoed time and time again. The end result are songs that feel they could be pulled out of the pages of any 20-something struggling to work through their issues and gain some bearings in the world.


‘Home’ takes the best elements of the last few OWTH records – the energy, the sincerity, the fun, the aggression – and presents them in a way that feels refreshingly steadfast and coherent. Without a doubt, their best record yet.


1. Start Walking
2. Shirts
3. Nightlife
4. Focus on Your Own Family
5. Altar Boy Blues
6. Don’t Make Me Go
7. Come Find Me
8. Janie
9. Seek Advice Elsewhere
10. Always Alone
11. Stolen Away
12. Take Me Out

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