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An innovation in young heavy talent in the current Aussie music scene.


90 / 100

In a heavy music society that is at the moment a diverse melting pot of young talent, both local and overseas, it is unfortunate that, through no fault of their own, there are bands with more integrity, raw potential and flair than you can poke a stick at, that often fall through the cracks and go unnoticed. However, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon young lads from Victoria, who go by the name Outlines, you will be rewarded with Idle Times and Clouded Minds, their most recent offering and a debut EP that meshes together various element of pop, punk and hardcore, to achieve some of the best new heavy music coming out of Australia in 2013.

The album kicks off with ‘Bad Habits,’ a brief instrumental that introduces listeners to the strong punk rock credibility of Outlines, which harkens to that of Adelaide punks, Paper Arms. While ‘Out Of Body’ quickly reveals that there are deeper intricacies to Outlines’ trademark sound – one that lingers on the border between many different genres, without stopping at the doorstep of any particular one for too long.

Just as is apparent with the majority of the EP, ‘Out of Body’ is dark both lyrically and musically. Grinding and frantic clean vocals are often joined by high, feverish screams of a surprising clarity that are similar to that of vocals found in post hardcore favourites Touché Amore. 

Outlines navigates the territory of hardcore punk with an unexpected maturity that reaches beyond their youthful years and inexperience, managing to blend a grunge punk garage band sound with unmistakable melodic hardcore elements in ‘Lucky’ before switching to the mindset of a pop punk, chorus driven anthem with Strangers.’ Instead of being off-putting, this diversity is made instantly riveting by the way in which Outlines manages to smoothly maneuver around the various genres with cohesion.

The band conclude their debit offering with their strongest work yet, a six minute epic entitled ‘Wits End‘ that stands out as an incredible piece of music and an accurate representation of all the band are capable of.


Outlines’ first official offering is a stellar example of what every band’s debut EP should be like. Idle Times an Clouded Minds reflects a band whose refined ability to write music that is complex while remaining organic, is a testimony to what they are able to achieve. Undoubtedly deseriving of more notice than they have revieced, it shouldn’t be long before Outlines become a household name.


1. Bad Habits
2. Out of Body
3. Lucky
4. Strangers
5. Wits End

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