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The Basics, possibly one of Australia’s most underrated bands, would surely garner more attention these days considering their drummer/vocalist is the all too famous Wally De Backer, better known as Gotye.

A shame then they have decided to take a three year hiatus only releasing ‘Ingredients,’ a best of compilation, spanning the band’s ten year career. The record features a random collection of songs from the band’s albums and EP’s with some rare and live tracks thrown in for good measure.

Some of the tracks, most notably ‘Second Best‘ have been recorded fairly poorly, with the vocals booming over the music, but considering the DIY approach the band has used to recording over their career, this can be forgiven. The highlight of the release, and easily the best song the band have ever written, is ‘With This Ship‘, an energetic alternative rock number with a crashing and catchy chorus that Australia should have made a bigger deal out of initially. This is followed by another great track, on which the lack in recording quality actually suits the song, the melody driven campfire sing-a-long that is ‘I Don’t Need Another‘, which is made up of a single acoustic and some light percussion letting the band’s vocal harmonies do all the work.

The interesting thing about this tour through The Basics‘ career is that you are essentially listening to the growth of Gotye as many ideas can be heard here that would one day formulate into something more under De Backer‘s solo works.

The Basics themselves however are a diverse unit, from the soul filled pop rock of opening track ‘Wait For You to the big rock riffs of ‘Money (Gimme Gimme), the sound is certainly rooted in rhythm & blues with a classic 50’s rock vibe, but there are enough variances to these genres to keep you interested for the entire twenty tracks.


If you are coming late to The Basics’ party, ‘Ingredients’ will make you wish you had paid a little bit more attention to the band before Gotye became a phenomenon. That being said, this collection is a quick way to play catch up before anyone notices and before the bands inevitable return.


1. Wait For You
2. Just Hold On
3. The No. 1 Cause Of Death Amongst Youth Today
4. I Could Go On
5. Second Best
6. Lookin’ Over My Shoulder
7. Hey C’mon!
8. With This Ship
9. I Don’t Need Another
10. Hey There!
11. Rattle My Chain
12. Money (Gimme, Gimme)
13. Better
14. She’s Gonna B. Late
15. Fear Of Failure
16. Home Again
17. Sound Off
18. Get Me Down
19. Keep The Door Open
20. Call It Rhythm and Blues

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