Nick van Breda/Zzzounds – Split 7″


Split 7"


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An excellent display of delicate, acoustic finesse from two musicians better known for rambunctious punk rock.


75 / 100

Nick van Breda has played in a number of Sydney-based punk and indie bands, most notably emo outfit Staying at Home. Zzzounds is the nom de plume of Dave Drayton, bass player for defunct post-hardcore act Between the Devil and the Deep, and currently one third of eccentric pop-punk trio Milhouse. With the release of their split 7”, the two display a smooth progression into quite mellow acoustic tunes with a focus on narrative songwriting.

van Breda opens the 7” with his contribution, the wonderfully titled ‘She Makes His Heart Play Math Rock‘. Sparse instrumentation in the form of an acoustic guitar and van Breda‘s almost-whispered vocals give a stripped down, intimate feel that complements somewhat morose lyrics concerning split-mate Drayton‘s move into the basement of van Breda‘s house.

Zzzounds‘ side of the split comes in the form of a track titled ‘Kev‘. Opening with Kinsella-esque fingerpicking, the song transitions into melancholic chords against Drayton‘s balladry – also inspired lyrically by his move into van Breda‘s basement. “In the basement I am cold / I am learning how to make a home” reflects Drayton, and this sense of hopefulness in the face of pessimism suits the song’s instrumentation well.


This split finds two musicians known for playing in quite loud punk bands and sees them more than adept at going it alone. In just under seven minutes, their brand of sentimental, barebones acoustic music proves that sometimes a guitar, a voice and some honest, sincere lyricism is enough to make a quite profound emotional impact on a listener.


01. She Makes His Heart Play Math Rock
02. Kev

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