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Roots/Routes EP


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An enjoyable blend of indie emo pop.


70 / 100

The members of Boston four-piece The Weeds are no strangers to the music scene, having previously been part of bands such as Transit, Late Nite Wars and Defeo. Now, the recently formed outfit provide a brief taste of what’s in store with their debut EP, Roots/Routes; blending various styles and influences to produce six sunny tracks of indie and emo infused pop.

Setting the atmosphere is opener ‘Sunset Eyes (Beautiful Life)’ – simple, lingering guitar work leads into a more upbeat verse, with Joe Lacy vocally backed by Justine DeFeo. Dictated by its title, the song’s lyrical content matches its overall bright tone, indicative of the record as a whole. Reverting back to the gentle guitar of its intro, ‘Sunset Eyes’ melts into ‘Attention’; musically alike and featuring a similar chord progression, with DeFeo’s sweet, character-filled voice once again complementing Lacy’s.

The record peaks when DeFeo takes the lead, notably in ‘Death Valley’. Uncomplicated in terms of structure and melody, the song hinges on her sincere delivery of relatable lyrics like, "If you like her more than me, that’s really scary ‘cause you know me so well."

In spite of the somewhat sombre lyrical themes throughout ‘Feel Nothing’ and ‘Up To Speed/Your Life’, Lacy and DeFeo’s dual vocals maintain the EP’s air of optimism, with the harmonies in the latter creating warmth, even as the two interchangeably sing, "Everything is falling apart; we’re falling apart." Enhanced by jangly guitars and with DeFeo in the forefront, ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ offers some of the record’s most emotionally charged moments, drawing Roots/Routes to a close with intensity.

While the EP doesn’t feature a great deal of musical variation, Roots/Routes has honesty and authenticity surging through its six short tracks. The combined vocals of Lacy and DeFeo help to set the record apart, adding a unique dynamic to its understated feel, and ultimately creating a strong sense of accessibility.


The Weeds have begun to establish a distinctive sound with their first effort. Despite being only a six-track snippet, Roots/Routes is a cohesive, genuine collection of songs, and as an introduction to the band, generally leaves a positive impression.


1. Sunset Eyes (Beautiful Life)
2. Attention
3. Death Valley
4. Feel Nothing
5. Up To Speed/Your Life
6. Stranger Than Fiction

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