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This is a tricky review to write as the bio sent with Biffy Clyro‘s latest record ‘Opposites speaks highly about the epic proportions of the band’s career defining double album, only to be accompanied by a single disc version of the release, which is also available to be purchased. One could compare this to The Smashing Pumpkins single disc release of ‘Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness all those years ago, of course those who actually bought that version will tell you that the impact of the record’s greatness is lessened when half of the tracks are missing. In conclusion, you can’t review things you haven’t heard so let’s discuss the single disc version of ‘Opposites‘…

The songs that include the piles of different instrumentation that the band will tell you they used in the latest recording session must be on the missing songs as single disc ‘Opposites‘ starts out sounding like a fairly standard Biffy affair. The guitar, bass, drum and vocal format drives the first part of the record with a few synthesisers thrown in for good measure.

Opening track Different People starts out slow building to an explosion of guitar riffs and fast paced drumming, followed by the slower and single worthy ‘Black Chandelier‘, a catchy, melody heavy number that closes out with some powerful and hefty guitar moments. The ballad, that front man Simon Neil is oh-so good at writing, comes in the form of the title track a slightly hopeful song that introduces a string section gently filling out the background behind a fairly twangy guitar and subtle vocal harmonies.

The moment that stands out from the other songs is ‘Spanish Radio‘, which includes a mariachi band blended seamlessly into the sporadic drums and reserved guitars. As is a general rule with Biffy Clyro, expecting the unexpected will serve the listener well when dealing with songs such as ‘Victory Over The Sun‘, which can change from ballad, to two-step, to rock opera within a split second. The record ends with another highlight, the melody heavy ‘The Thaw in which the guitar lines steal the show, and the stadium rock thumper Picture A Knife Fight‘.


Apart from the moments mentioned here, the songs are fairly standard Biffy – rock music with quirk, which is a good thing as Neil can pen a very interesting tune. it just may not be worthy of the hype that the band and their promotional materials have created. It may be a completely different story upon the inclusion of disc two however, which could make it a masterpiece.


1. Different People
2. Black Chandelier
3. Sounds Like Balloons
4. Opposite
5. The Joke’s On Us
6. Spanish Radio
7. Victory Over The Sun
8. Biblical
9. Stingin’ Belle
10. Skylight
11. Trumpet Or Tap
12. Modern Magic Formula
13. The Thaw
14. Picture A Knife Fight

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  1. Denzo

    Once you hear all 22 tracks and give them a few listens the album really grows on you. Also, they have a sweet sound for a 3 piece live. Worth Checking out.

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