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Melodic, catchy punk rock - be prepared to find yourself singalong to each chorus.


70 / 100

Catchy punk music is often maligned for sounding too poppy, having cliché lyrics of ex-girlfriends and carrying the general aesthetic of most boy bands. While unashamedly a pop-punk act, with their third album ‘Comfort/Distraction‘ Oregan band Broadway Calls manage to retain the catchy, fun aspects that make the genre enjoyable without slipping into any of the more uncomfortable elements, tending to focus a little more on the ‘punk’ side of the ‘pop-punk’ equation.

The anthemic nature of the record is instantly set by the first few tracks. The immediately infectious choruses and refrains, forceful, melodic guitar parts and tight, driving rhythm section on ‘Bring on the Storm‘, ‘Minus One‘ and album single ‘Lucky Lighter‘ introduce what is an undeniably catchy record, but one that feels ultimately a little more mature – lyrically and thematically – than is typical of the genre.

That said, there is still a lot of fun to be found on ‘Comfort/Distraction‘. While standing very strongly as a studio album in its own right, parts of the record almost feel like an invitation to see the band perform in a live setting. Choruses conjure vivid images of enthusiastic singalongs, draped in the arms of friends and covered in cheap beer. As for listening on your own, if you don’t find yourself subconsciously singing along, you’ll be bobbing your head or at the very least, tapping a foot or two. Thematically, the album feels like a testament to accepting the inevitability of having to grow up; facing this inevitability with confidence and a strong sense of brotherhood, rather than fear and anxiety.

There are a few moments across ‘Comfort/Distraction‘ that feel like they don’t work as well as they should have, but these hiccups are to be expected from a band that is, as is lyrically suggested, haven’t fully found their feet just yet. “And just right now / this works for me”, sings vocalist Ty Vaughn on one of the album’s catchiest refrains, and it’s a nice summary of the record.


‘Comfort/Distraction’ is a record that sees a band starting to really come into their own and find a sound they truly feel comfortable with – albeit if it’s taken a few albums to get there. What’s left is a fun, catchy and refreshingly raw pop-punk record.


1. Bring On The Storm
2. Open Letter
3. Minus One
4. Lucky Lighter
5. Surrounded By Ghosts
6. Zombie World
7. Wildly Swinging
8. I’ll Be There
9. Stealing Sailboats
10. Life Is Rhythm
11. Full Of Hope

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