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Idle Hands


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Bring Me The Horizon - Gallows - Asking Alexandria


A brutal debut album that is loud, aggresive and totally addictive.


85 / 100

Most debut albums are a small taste of what we’re going to expect with future development from an act, but there is always an exception to the rule, and Continents with their aggressive debut Idle Hands are not to be grouped in with the ‘almost there’ bunch. The South Welshman channel their influences (like Every Time I Die, Asking Alexandria, Gallows) and have created an album that truly defines their direction, without sounding like a carbon copy of their influencers, providing a debut album that is brutal, passionate and relentless.

Idle Hands‘ begins with a buildup from silence that then assaults into the title track, and it’s undeniably aggressive, crushing and frantic; making the intro track a slice of sanity before an utter assault to allow for breathing room. They pulsate this particular energy that feels like they’ve bottled their live ethic and just transitioned it easily into the studio, providing this rich tone and wide sound matched with unrelenting anger. this is undeniably at its peak in ‘Sheeps In Wolves Clothing‘.

They juggle hardcore genres seamlessly without sounding disconnected and flaccid; ‘Pegasus Pegasus’ is a great example of this, starting with discordant djent timings matched with guttural yells that transcend into post hardcore chorus chants. The instrumentals are impeccable; offering brilliant moments of chaos that rattle perfectly in time like machine guns, balanced with Phillip Cross’ far-ranging magnitude of shouts, creates such incredible tracks that are epically addictive.

The production quality of this album is strong, though at times the vocals tend to fade into the fray of instrumentation, but it is generally forgiven as the guitar dynamics provided from Darryl Sweet and Tom Weaver don’t yield with memorable hooks. As a result, nothing appears lazy or half-baked on the album, from the spacious tension in ‘Loathe’ to the final death screams in ‘Lion’s Den’, as if it all has been calculated and meticulously placed for maximum impact.


Idle Hands is a brilliant full-length debut from Continents, it captures their live ethos and tenacious sound easily, and it is a sterling explosive starting point for the group. It would be curious to see their direction after Idle Hands, if they are capable of delivering more of this carnage or fall short. Either way, this album is energetic punch to the face that’ll sadistically make you crave more.


  1. 224
  2. Idle Hands
  3. Pegasus, Pegasus
  4. Inhale
  5. Land Of The Free
  6. Sheeps In Wolves’ Clothing
  7. Regrets
  8. Loathe
  9. Trials
  10. Exhale
  11. Truth And Lies
  12. Lion’s Den

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