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Defeater are as captivating and impressive live as they are in the studio - and it's their stint in BBC Radio 1 studios that proves just that.


95 / 100

The opportunity to record live in the prestigious BBC Radio 1 studios is a privilege reserved for legendary acts such as The Smiths and The Cure; bands who have truly made their mark in the evolution of the music industry.  If the reverence they have garnered since the release of Empty Days and Sleepless Nights is any indication, Defeater could be on the precipice of becoming legends themselves. Their contribution to the radio waves of BBC Radio 1 studios has been another reminder of the energy and unique craftsmanship of the modest Massachusetts five piece, who have managed yet again, to win over the hearts and souls of their captive audience.

Defeater alternate between acoustic and non–acoustic tracks in the four-song, live-to-air performance. Surprisingly, the much-adored ‘I Don’t Mind’ is not one of these. However the first acoustic track, ‘But Breathing’ more than compensates, adding a raw country tinge to the guitar work that can’t be heard in the production of the original record. In particular, it’s the vocalist Derek Archambult who benefits most from the lack of embellishments that comes with a live recording. On ‘Brothers,’ new flecks of vocal colourings revealed live, enhance the familiar haunting tones of his lyrics.

Live on BBC Radio 1 establishes Defeater as a band that are as tight and technical live as they are in the studio.  A stand out on both the original recording and the live EP, ‘Warm Blood Rush’ showcases a rougher, garage band sound that seems to add more than a dash of punk elements to Defeater’s trademark post hardcore. This trend continues into the final track in the live performance – ‘Empty Glass,’ in which Defeater deliver an impressive performance with all the vigorous aggression and power that is consistent in everything they do.


It’s safe to say that if you weren’t already a fan of Defeater’s modest, energetic approach to making music, after hearing the impressive four song appetiser that is Defeater Live On BBC Radio 1, you’re bound to be following them as excitedly as the rest of us.  Defeater have well and truly found their mark in hardcore and, if their live EP is a forecast of what is to come, will surely continue to do so in 2013.


1. But Breathing
2. Warm Blood Rush
3. Brothers
4. Empty Glass

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