Terror – Hard Lessons/Only the Devil Knows



Hard Lessons/Only the Devil Knows


Reaper Records




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First Blood - Madball - Outbreak


Consistent act remains consistent - short, but quality.


82 / 100

There have been an awful lot of long albums that have come to attention. Very rarely, no matter the quality or stature of the arist, does a long album not contain filler. That is what makes it nice to kick back and listen to a quality 7 inch every now and then. Something short and sweet.

Terror is now more than a decade old, and while that’s made them a veteran band by modern hardcore stadards, they’re not showing any sign of slowing down. It’s almost problematic how formulaic their work is… but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 
The first track, ‘Hard Lessons’, is probably the stronger of the two. It gets metallic towards the beginning with the almost galloping double-kick, but it soon kicks into the trademark hardcore that we’ve come to know and love from the band.

The second track, ‘Only The Devil Knows"’ follows a more traditional riff structure, but somehow lacks the punch and catichiness of ‘Hard Lessons’. Still an enjoyable track, however.

For only two songs the analysis isn’t going to be as severe, but this two track offering ultimately revels in its punch and overal impact.


Terror are iconic. Their name is dropped as soon as someone says "hardcore". With these expectations in mind, and five minutes to work with, it would have to be a quality five minutes. Indeed, it doesn’t disappoint. Neither of these tracks are a modern classic, nor do they have the potential to be the first songs that pop into your head when you hear the band’s name. But for what it is, a limited 7 inch release, it’s pretty damn good.


1. Hard Lessons
2. Only the Devil Knows

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