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Perth’s Burning Fiction are keeping pretty busy, following up their debut full length ‘Don’t Lose Touch’ with a split release and now, a new 10" EP which has them sounding fairly comfortable in their melodic punk rock genre.

There is a rough edge about the recording, things aren’t too polished, which is a very good thing in this case, it makes the songs sound a little more exciting, like they are played with a certain looseness. If opening track ‘Served So Well‘ is anything to go by, melody plays an important role in these songs that can break out from soft verses in to moments of aggression without warning.

‘Train Wreck’ takes a cleaner approach and is driven by its strong vocals, gang shouts and bold chorus, sounding like the Aussie rock of Gyroscope and After The Fall. ‘Gnarly Brown’ hits a bit harder with its guitars but stick to a similar vocal approach, the band fall into an older sound in this mid-section, one that many probably miss in the "popular" music of today, this is good Aussie rock from back when Bodyjar did more than the odd reunion show.

The vocals use ‘O’Desperad’ as an excuse to show off some nice harmonies before a dark breakdown which takes the song in a different direction making this one of the highlights. The EP closes with ‘Those With No Fortune’ in which the guitars constantly tussle with the vocals for the limelight, both elements pushing themselves and changing the style and direction of the song and ‘Sunday’, a reflective piece that starts soft (with some questionable vocals) then picks up to some solid chuggy punk rock.


A lot of bands used to sound like this, but there aren’t that many (good ones) around anymore. This is why Burning Fiction’s new 10" provides equal doses of nostalgia and enjoyment from an Australian band that are extremely capable of creating some great rock music with original touches.


1. Served So Well
2. Train Wreck
3. Gnarly Brown
4. O’desperad
5. Those With No Fortune
6. Sunday

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