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An impressive collaboration that paves the way for an interesting year in punk.


90 / 100

Artist collaborations, (or, more commonly ‘splits’) seem to bring out the best in most bands, and the Citizen/Turnover 7" offering is no exception. With two tracks each, both bands proved that the hype created by their debut EPs was no fluke, and demonstrated an impressive capability to release solid material that makes their split one of, if not the best of 2012.

On Citizen’s side we are immediately hit with a fresh wave of emo/pop punk sounds, catchy guitar riffs and a singer that has a voice that likens to Balance and Composure’s hardened, melodic vocals. ‘Drown’ has an atmosphere that matches the title. The entire split is strikingly different to the mood found in the ‘posi pop punk’ rush of 2010-2011, which suggests that bands like The Wonder Years and Man Overboard may soon be handing over the baton.

I’m Sick of Waiting’ experiments with sound levels and instrumental textures to great effect. Mid way through the track, the vocals stand-alone with only a faded guitar pluck for company, soon followed by an instrumental drop which creates a force that continues for the rest of the song. It’s a great lead in to Turnover’s first track ‘Permanent,’ which keeps a similar fast and forceful pace.

Turnover aren’t dramatically different from their colleague, but there is a definitive urgency and desperation to the faster drum beats and guitar distortions in ‘Permanent’ and ‘No Sun’ that remind the listener more of a traditional pop punk sound. Significantly darker in theme and tone, with lyrics such as “now there’s no sun, it rains all the time” in their second contribution, ‘No Sun,’ Turnover can be seen on a constant loop on many a Tumblr dashboard.


In an increasingly crowded scene, Turnover and Citizen, along with the likes of Basement and Seahaven, are jumping off the bandwagon (no pun intended) and starting up a new one. Much to the enthusiasm of those tired of a saturated pop punk ethic, this split shows potential for a new wave in the ever changing, turbulent and multifaceted punk climate.


1. Drown (Citizen)
2. Im Sick of Waiting (Citizen)
3. Permanent (Turnover)
4. No Sun (Turnover)

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