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No Apology


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Thrashy, fast, heavy hardcore that doesn't take itself too seriously.


70 / 100

Modern hardcore is a genre that is constantly finding itself changing and evolving, becoming an extraordinarily broad and versatile style of music. Florida’s Losin’ It, with their debut full-length, ‘No Apology’, have created a modern hardcore LP that attempts a “back to basics” style that doesn’t for a moment take itself too seriously.

Wearing a diverse range of influences proudly on its sleeve, ‘No Apology’ maintains throughout a healthy mix of thrashy 90’s hardcore, youth crew in the vein of Carry On and Floorpunch and lively punk drive. Admittedly, it’s not the most unique record in the world, but the excitement and energy Losin’ It carry throughout the 25-minute album are enough to forgive the band for falling back on some clichés.

Record opener ‘Bitter Taste’ opens with a guitar solo that harkens back to crossover thrash, before launching into a fairly typical fast, loud and aggressive track that sets the vibe for the rest of the 10-track debut. There’s some interesting and frankly, pretty damn cool riffs featured on tracks such as ‘Out’ and ‘Beliefs’, in keeping with the album’s overall sense of not taking itself too seriously, and having a little fun – and isn’t that what this style of hardcore should be about?

There’s some killer bass lines on the record, most notably on ‘Position of Power’ and title track ‘No Apology’. The album closes on a high note, with instrumental track ‘Class Dismissed’ providing a great closing solo before jumping into ‘Popularity Contest’ – a heavy, crushing closer tying up the record excellently. There’s some moments throughout ‘No Apology‘ that certainly tend to feel somewhat repetitious, and focus may drop, but as far as a simple, enjoyable approach to modern hardcore goes, the execution is mostly on point.


Realistically, Losin’ It are not doing anything on ‘No Apology’ that is altogether groundbreaking; but there’s something to be said for keeping the classic hardcore influences that moulded the genre alive in a way that feels youthful, exciting and fun. Pick it up on Life to Live Records.


1. Bitter Taste
2. Brainwashed Youth
3. Glass Palace
4. Out
5. Differences Aside
6. Beliefs
7. Position of Power
8. No Apology
9. Class Dismissed
10. Popularity Contest

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