Blood Red Shoes – Water (EP)


Water (EP)





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UK duo release three track EP.


73 / 100

While the enduring phrase ‘many hands makes light work’ may ring true, UK duo Blood Red Shoes show sometimes a minimalist ensemble approach is just as effective.

The Brighton two-piece have entrenched themselves on a rather burgeoning alternative/indie rock scene. A well-received studio album released last year now makes way for EP ‘Water’ to usher in 2013.

At three tracks there’s not a lot of lasting substance, but that doesn’t detract from the feeling that ‘Water’ is a fun and inviting release. The music has that British twang, with Laura-Mary Carter’s cascading vocals bringing a melodic stat to the consistent rock backbeat throughout.

Perhaps, the biggest downside of indie music is its pretentious nature. You know the drill, a genre that commonly masquerades as something more forward-thinking and developed than it deserves to be viewed. The charm and thankful distinction here, is Blood Red Shoes presents an engaging, honest listen that doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

Red River’ is an enigmatic opener, with a predominant rock beat and upbeat tone. The drum beats and guitar riffs work in swift accordance. ‘Black Distractions’ gives way to Steven Ansell’s vocal tones. It’s a dirtier, grittier and perhaps more grunge approach in the middle track. The riffs are stronger.

Idle Hands’ continues the transition into a typical indie based sound. Whereas ‘Red River’ is accessible, the concluding track is a little dark and dramatic. It has a bit more emotion underpinning the delivery.

It’s essentially over before it began, but the EP, for what it is, is one to embrace. It’s simple, largely fundamental, and offers very few surprises, but works from the moment it reaches the listeners ears.


There’s not much of an overview required for a three-track release. ‘Water’ is just a neat little offering to add to the collection. Nothing more, nothing less.


1. Red River
2. Black Distractions
3. Idle Hands

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