Circle of Contempt – Entwine the Threads (EP)


Entwine the Threads (EP)


Sumerian Records




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Finland upstarts deliver EP.


72 / 100

There’s enough tech, prog, core and whatever excessive genres you want to create floating around now that it’s almost just easier to cut through the classification, whack an album on and just listen to it. Really listen to it. Nothing more, nothing less. You know, form opinions based on what’s presented instead of comparing it to death with fellow genre peers and basing it on other unnecessary preconceptions.

Finland’s Circle of Contempt seem well-versed and comfortable within the genre. There’s direction and enough endeavour. We can go along with the premise. Sure it works, but is it compelling? Well, that depends. The sound seems more solid than unconditionally moving.

With a spot of the Sumerian Records roster the platform is ideal and the song delivery decent. EP ‘Entwine the Threads’ is a five track composite of European inspired metal. Like many of their Scandinavian rivals, the brutality is mixed with melody. The strong riffs are complimented by synth sections and harmonic lines.

The EP hits its marks and delivers in quick and suitable fashion. The music is tight, however there is a generality to it. While incredibly solid, it does feel like you could remove the band name from this album and the anonymous listener would be forgiven for thinking this sound could belong to one of many bands. Fortunately, ‘Entwine the Threads’ draws on the good elements of the genre instead of the generic piss-take that so many bands adopt. But, still there’s no denying this is a respectable release with a very common take on things. It flows but doesn’t excel into that next category.

The double kick is the prominent section (at least early on) of the opening track, which shares the same name as the EP itself. The transition quickly moves into guttural and deep territory. ‘Dare to Defy’ begins with a piano section, while closer ‘Perceive the Mendacity’ again plays close to what preceded it.

It’s a brief affair with some charm. But, not one of incredible longevity.


The greatest strength of ‘Entwine the Threads’ is its recognisable, relatable and polished sound. The EP is manageable and a satisfactory listen, but it still feels like a similar instead of unique sound.


1. Entwine The Threads
2. Dare To Defy
3. Transient Belief
4. To Entitle Vacancy
5. Perceive The Mendacity

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