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A solid debut from a promising band.


78 / 100

Despite forming two years ago, punk rock outfit Pentimento have only recently, at the tail end of 2012, released their first full length record. Following a dispute with their label, the band offered their self-titled album as a free download, and while not under ideal conditions, the situation has brought the four-piece some well-deserved attention. Pentimento’s debut album balances the band’s influences with their own ingenuity, creating a melodically strong and achingly honest collection of songs.

Unless’ kicks things off, setting the scene for the rest of the record with its quick pace and heavy riffs. ‘Circles’ follows; musically uncomplicated, and continuing the vocal force introduced by Jeramiah Pauly on the album’s first track.

The dual vocals on ‘Conscience (Consequence)’ and ‘The Wind’ channel the sounds of Taking Back Sunday, providing an almost nostalgic quality. Pauly’s gritty repetition of "I never gave up on you" drives his words home on the latter, with similar lyrical repetition heard on ‘No One Lets You Know’. This technique is potentially tedious; however, the variation in vocal delivery helps to offset that feeling.

The record’s softer moments are a welcome change of pace. Acoustic number ‘The Bridge’ adds a new dimension to the album, fuelled by Pauly’s emotionally charged performance, while ‘Subtle Words’ is laced with violins to complement its melancholy tone. Although musically more restrained, Pauly’s vocals maintain their intensity throughout these songs, allowing them to flow with the rest of the record.

Almost Atlantic’, a four-and-a-half minute track that gives itself time to build, is a highlight. Once the guitars reach their heavy peak, the song alternates between bursts of coarse and composed, in sync with Pauly’s vocals. ‘For Winter’ is another high point, swelling and tapering off in the same way.

All the passion of Pentimento’s self-titled album culminates with its closer, ‘On Summer’. The song exemplifies what the band does best – mixing catchy melodies with raw energy and emotion – and acts as a fitting conclusion.

The vocal delivery is a standout aspect overall, with Jeramiah Pauly leading his band through harmonies and gang vocals to convey a relentless honesty. While sonically there isn’t a great deal of diversity on the record, there’s a strong sense of ease and cohesion for that reason.


Pentimento’s debut full length is equal parts reflection and rage, holding all its power in its authenticity. It’s not a perfect album, but it’s a solid effort. Having set a high standard for themselves with their first record, this band are undoubtedly one to keep an eye on.


1. Unless
2. Circles
3. Conscience (Consequence)
4. The Wind
5. No One Lets You Know
6. Days Away
7. The Bridge (acoustic)
8. Almost Atlantic
9. Subtle Words
10. For Winter
11. On Summer

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