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Debut album from Melbourne metallers


75 / 100

There is a moment when it’s time to stop being the benchwarmers and instead make your way to the front. Loose and perhaps vague sporting analogies aside, Melbourne’s Death Audio have taken the initiative with the release of their debut studio album.

Most local gig goers would, in some part, be familiar with the quintet. Having played alongside the likes of Soilwork, The Black Dahlia Murder and Unearth, the lads in Death Audio have worked their way up and stored every bit of experience and knowledge playing with such notables has given them.

This self-titled full-length presents itself in considered fashion. The pieces of the puzzle aren’t forced into place; the structure just fits as intended. The first impression is neutral to the ears. It doesn’t deter or reek of something uninspired, but it does take a moment to get warmed up. Like anything though, there’s merit in not making instant judgments. Chemistry forms with familiarity and that is why after repeated listens the Death Audio sound starts to become quite welcoming. You’d much prefer something to get gradually better than the other way around.

Four and five minutes is the respective ballpark range for song length, which suggests there’s development and layers to the style and composition – it gives the track room to breathe instead of merely condense. ‘Down’ and ‘Black Rose’ get things started, but it’s first single ‘Fallen Souls’ where you feel this album truly works. Slotted somewhere between the driving (and melodic metal) riffs of a Trivium and the aggression/harmony of Killswitch Engage, Death Audio focus on music that establishes a tempo then fills in the blanks accordingly. The aforementioned ‘Fallen Souls’ has a precise chorus.

It’s metal, so of course the head banging, fist pumping moments are here. It’s a listen that feels better served on the stereo than timidly through the reserved means of headphones. ‘This Moment’ is positioned suitably in the middle with that contemporary metal, double kick/strumming riff pattern evident early. Again, another solid track that moves and engages instead of relaxes.

It would be a bit unfair just to label Death Audio’s first complete collection of studio tracks as promising. Yes, they are, but, while there’s potential going forward, what is provided here is very good too.


Another quality Australian release to add to the already extensive local pile in 2012. Death Audio’s self-titled debut is consistent and that is arguably the most important thing here.


1. Down
2. Black Rose
3. Fallen Souls
4. Memories
5. Reasons
6. Obstructions
7. This Moment
8. Place The Blame
9. Shadow
10. The Escape

3 Responses to “Death Audio – Death Audio”

  1. Lin

    I saw Death Audio live on Saturday, it wasn’t just a show, it was an experience…… their sound is massive, their songs are full of energy, you just wanted to be right in the middle of that crazy mosh pit, and it’s not that often you get to see someone stage dive at the Espy. Only problem was that they didn’t play for long enough, 45 minutes of Death Audio just isn’t enough! Cant wait to see what these boys do in the future….

  2. HaydenD

    Yeah Lin! I want to emphasise how much enjoyment anyone could get out of watching and listening to Death Audio! It’s really such a great musicianship they have! Everyone should get on board

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