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The future of Perth hardcore.


78 / 100

Perth has always had a very strong hardcore scene, with the likes of Miles Away, Break Even, Blkout and Extortion being some of the more obvious flag wavers for the state in recent times. The Others have been a band for a number of years now, I can remember picking up a copy of their demo at No Apologies final show back in 2008. While they have played with the likes of Defeater, Blacklisted, Terror, Bitter End, Trapped Under Ice and Backtrack in their home state, it wasn’t until December 2012 that the band would truly begin to step up make their mark on the East Coast, when they toured with Miles Away and Cruel Hand, along with the release of their latest 7”, “Sun And Sea”.

The new 7” is the result of years of playing together, and is four of the strongest tracks the band has released to date. Playing a style of hardcore similar to the likes of Righteous Jams, Mental and The Wrong Side, the band wouldn’t sound out of place on the Lockin’ Out roster. The record’s opening and title track “Sun And Sea” sets the tone for the remainder of the record with it’s fun and catchy style of hardcore, that will obviously go down a treat in a live setting.

Reality Bites Down Hard” starts off with a riff that is sure to get a bit of pit movement happening when played live, and is jam-packed full of impressive riffs by guitarists Matthew Ng and Chris Cornish. With the final two tracks on the record clocking in at just over two minutes, there is no room for mucking around. The tracks are fast and full of energy, and are just made to be played live. Go see the band soon and find out for yourself. The vocals at the end of “No End In Sight” mark the catchiest part of the record, and are something that will stick with you. Vocalist Colin Crowe is on point the entire record, getting his message across in an honest and rage filled method of delivery.


Let’s hope that the band can follow up this record with another impressive release in 2013, as well as a few more trips back to the East Coast to show us what we have been missing out on. Definitely a band to keep your eye on in the years to come, fingers crossed that this is just the beginning for them.


1. Sun And Sea
2. Reality Bites Down Hard
3. No End In Sight
4. What’s Wrong With You?

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