Safe Hands/Vanity – Split 7″


Split 7"


Pee Records/Arrest Records




For Fans Of

Letlive - Defeater


DIY Hardcore sampler.


70 / 100

There really is nothing more beautiful than two local independent labels coming together to put out a limited edition vinyl release featuring two of Australia’s promising up and comers.

Pee Records and Arrest Records have done exactly that pulling together Safe Hands from Newcastle and Vanity from Perth who each offer up two tracks to give people a sample of what to expect from their upcoming albums.

First up we have Safe Hands who have clearly already mastered the abrasive, live style hardcore of groups like Defeater and Letlive, using earthy, less-than-heavy guitar tones delivered in a way that still offers aggression but with plenty of clarity.

The vocals are where the real mayhem comes in, especially on the first track ‘Forest‘ in which all of the instruments are locked in and perfectly in sync, still able to swing into moments of chaos when needed. Second track ‘Somnabulance‘ features some softer moments and clean vocals, which while still on point, aren’t as effective as the explosion that is the track’s predecessor.

The Vanity songs don’t have the same body and effect as the Safe Hands ones. First track ‘At The Brink takes a more punk rock approach to hardcore with the guitars acting as the main power behind the sound whilst the frantic drums hold the wheel.

Second track ‘Dead Exit slows the pace down but provides more of an assault with its chugging guitars and abrasive vocals, easily the stand out of the two Vanity songs, with good use of room recorded vocals as well.


This east meets west split release is a great way to check out some new local hardcore that you may not have heard of whilst also being a nice taste of what both bands may have in store for their upcoming full lengths.


1. Forest
2. Somnabulance
3. At The Brink
4. Dead Exit

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