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Thrice’s decision to go on hiatus not long after the release of their eight album ‘Major/Minor’ was heartbreaking for all of their fans, not only because of the lack of touring that followed that record, but mainly because Thrice are one of the greatest bands to ever exist…ever!

If you think the following review of  live album ‘Anthology’ is a bias account, full of near shameful praise from a googly eyed fanboy due to that last statement, it perhaps might be? Stop reading now if you’re not on board.

As well as making great music, Thrice have always been capable of an even better live show, replicating their recorded sound to the nth degree and offering flawless performances. For this reason, it seems fitting they would mark their first hiatus with a live collection of tracks from their impressive catalogue as opposed to a ‘Best Of’ album merely full or recordings their fans already have at their collective disposal.

Anthology,’ named after the track from ‘Major/Minor,’ succeeds in displaying every element the band has to offer, from the heavy groove riffs of opening track ‘Yellow Belly,’ to the fast paced punk rock of ‘Under A Killing Moon,’ the electronic blips and gentle keys of ‘Digital Sea‘ and the folk-like strums of ‘Come All You Weary.’ Thrice are a diverse band, this is proven here, but what is also proven (again) is their amazing talents in being able to shift between these genres and styles with ease while offering a cohesive live play-list.

The recording quality will make you feel like you are in the middle of the mosh pit whilst in a pair of headphones, with the intricacies of the various tones and instruments used all identifiable in perfect balance. Dustin Kensrue’s voice is the strongest driver of the songs, switching between a soft croon and a guttural growl, holding out to the last note of the show.

While every minute of the massive twenty-four song set is the highlight, if stand-outs needed to be picked they would include the classic ‘The Artist In The Ambulance,’ the constant rhythm of ‘In Exile,’ the beautiful and touching ‘Red Sky,’ and the epic culmination of what Thrice can offer in one song with ‘The Earth Will Shake.’


If you were sad about the Thrice hiatus before ‘Anthology,’ you will be even sadder after hearing the brilliance of a live show, which truly encompasses every element of their amazing catalogue. Thrice rule, let’s hope they come back soon.


1. Yellow Belly
2. Image Of The Invisible
3. The Artist In The Ambulance
4. Kill Me Quickly
5. Under A Killing Moon
6. Silhouette
7. In Exile
8. The Weight
9. Promises
10. Daedalus
11. Words In The Water
12. Of Dust And Nations
13. Red Sky
14. The Earth Will Shake
15. The Messenger
16. Digital Sea
17. Stare At The Sun
18. Deadbolt
19. To Awake And Avenge The Dead
20. Beggars
21. Come All You Weary
22. Phoenix Ignition
23. T & C
24. Anthology

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  1. FireEscape

    9 good songs, 15 junk.
    Also “fast paced punk rock of ‘Under A Killing Moon”…LOL where is the punk rock in that song at all? hahaha its not even a fast song.

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