Motion City Soundtrack – Making Moves 7″


Making Moves 7"


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70 / 100

Motion City Soundtrack’s latest release is the sixth installment in the Making Moves seven-inch series, which has highlighted emerging artists chosen by the band. It’s not easy to make an impression with just three songs, but Motion City Soundtrack put in a concerted effort on their contribution to the series, consisting of two new songs and a rendition of Rilo Kiley’s ‘Pictures of Success’.

Opening track ‘Severance’ takes its time, forming slowly and steadily. The echoing guitars create an atmospheric build into an emotionally charged chorus, showcasing a strong, clean vocal performance from Justin Pierre. While sonically a slight departure for the band, Pierre’s distinct vocals bring familiarity to the song, making it a highlight of the record.

Major Leagues’, upbeat and melodious, is more representative of a traditional Motion City Soundtrack number. Although the verses are infectious and engaging, the track loses momentum when the chorus hits, almost leaving a lacklustre imprint. Having said that, after a few listens, ‘Major Leagues’ is memorable enough to find its way into constant replay in your head.

The band’s own version of Rilo Kiley’s ‘Pictures of Success’ is an equally interesting and pleasing inclusion, and a perfect way to close the record. Motion City Soundtrack accomplish everything a band or artist should when it comes to a cover: simultaneously retaining the essence of the original while adding their own unique quality to it. Once again, Pierre’s performance is a standout aspect, his gentle vocals flawlessly complementing the song’s subdued tone.


This installment of the Making Moves series is one that may be best suited to diehard Motion City Soundtrack fans. While the band’s input contains high points in ‘Severance’ and ‘Pictures of Success’, ‘Major Leagues’ verges on mediocre. However, Motion City Soundtrack’s support of young talent and their dedication to this project shouldn’t be overlooked.


1. Severance
2. Major Leagues
3. Pictures of Success

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