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Quality punk rawk from Canada.


89 / 100

White Lung are a Canadian band that play something resembling whatever the kids are calling "punk rock" these days. They’ve caught the attention of Canadian publication Acclaim!, and are apparently played in regular rotation on CBC Radio. As far as this writer knows, though, they’re virtually unheard of in Australia, and making a modest presence on Facebook. While, they appear to be large enough to embark upon North American tours, they have not yet ventured out to play internationally.

S/T is a two track EP, released exclusively on 7", 45 RPM vinyl. If you’re keen, you may have to traverse the bowels of the internet to order this, as it appears unlikely to turn up at your local record shop. Well, that is for those who buy records these days.

S/T follows on the heels of the recent release, the band’s sophomore effort, Sorry, which dropped in May.

Opening track, ‘Two of You‘ plays something like a female-fronted cross between Thursday and Pennywise. Combining the buzzsawed guitars and octaves of modern punk with the spacey intervals and dissonance of post-hardcore acts such as Thursday and Defeater, the track flows. White Lung‘s vocalist Mish Ray sounds like a more melodic Alice Glass, making for an enjoyable listen. 

Second track, ‘Hunting Holiday‘ takes the same use of backbeat, but plays over it with a riff that sounds like something Vampire Weekend would play after a knife fight. The jangly guitar work serves the purpose well. 


It’s hard to flesh out a review on a two track EP, but from what little is presented, ‘S/T’ is thoroughly impressing and should ensure this act gets some more media coverage. The two tracks here are solid, but could do with some studio touch up. It’s a minor gripe for what it is however. For what it’s worth, these are a good couple of songs. Despite the short three minute length, if you’re a fan of anything similar, it’s probably worth a look.


1. Two of You
2. Hunting Holiday

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