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Silent Machine


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Periphery - Faith No More - Karnivool


No need for clichéd praise, this is a great album


90 / 100

Twelve Foot Ninja just get it. Whatever ‘IT’ is, Twelve Foot Ninja seem assured, confident and articulate in approach. Debut album ‘Silent Machine’ is decisive, is eclectic and just simply flows. Cutting through the crap to begin with, this album is one of those instances where the first impression is profound and the impact lasting. No need to dress it up with excessive praise. The music does the talking and the album speaks with impressive resonance.

The resources have been there for the band – a host of impressive EP’s, a solid local fan base and notable international groups in their corner (Periphery, anyone?!). Thankfully, this isn’t an underwhelming experience. You could be forgiven for thinking ‘Silent Machine’ would not match the sentiment and instead present itself in standard and lacklustre form. It’s just not the case. Full-length number one is captivating. No need to search for a better adjective.

Mixing the polyrhythmic structures and song approach of Periphery and maybe a less-heavy Meshuggah, adding it with Mike Patton type vocals and a penchant for mixing conflicting styles and genres a la Between the Buried and Me, Twelve Foot Ninja have found their niche.

Coming For You’ is an assertive opening, which mixes competing tempos and rhythmic approaches. At times heavy, at times melodic and at equal times Latin-inspired. Main single ‘Mother Sky’ is the perfect mix of prog and catchy hooks, while transitioning track ‘Shuriken’ again follows the aforementioned traits.

Vanguard’ is a heavier point, with subsequent track ‘Deluge’ more melodic in points. ‘Liberation’ has a typical downtrodden, hard rock persona to begin with but small passages remind the listener that this is still a predominantly abstract sound.

For a style and overall musical blueprint that is not immediately accessible as the breakdown-laden, more prominent genres as metalcore for example, the gentle hooks and polished production will ensure ‘Silent Machine’ is an overwhelming success. A good, solid Australian release…in fact, a fantastic release in general, irrespective of geography.


Twevle Foot Ninja. Interesting name, even more intriguing album. However, in all the right senses. ‘Silent Machine’ is the perfect mix of unassuming and deliberately bold. The music is clean and unpredictable and the output gives the listener a reason to keep pressing play. Recommended.


1. Coming For You
2. Kingdom
3. Mother Sky
4. Shuriken
5. Vanguard
6. Deluge
7. Liberation
8. Silent Machine
9. Rogue
10. Myth Of Progress
11. Ain’t That A Bitch
12. Luna

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