Vision of Disorder – The Cursed Remain Cursed


The Cursed Remain Cursed


Candlelight Records




For Fans Of

Bloodsimple - Snapcase - Soundgarden


Genuine NYC hardcore


77 / 100

Having been highly influential in the New York hardcore scene in the mid-90s, Vision of Disorder can boast they were around at a critical time in the genre’s development. After splitting in 2002, the band has returned with an album that benefits from experience and hindsight, and serves as a lesson to younger bands on how to craft aggressive songs with genuine hardcore attitude.

The Cursed Remain Cursed‘ opens the way it means to go on with ‘Loveless‘, a jagged yet forceful track with a metalcore tinge. Tempo changes keep us guessing as the song moves between tightly composed sections of varying brutality.

A taste for the epic is apparent in ‘Set to Fail‘, with an almost Opeth-like chordal theme in the chorus. This influence is even more discernible in the dirge-like ‘Skullz Out (Rot In Pieces)‘.

Blood Red Sun‘ adds diversity to the album with a thrash-infused sound. At times difficult to follow due to constant changes in the groove, this is an intricately arranged piece that shows how meticulous the band’s songwriting can be.

Annihilator‘ provides no respite to what has been, up to this point, a relentless album. Every track is pure aggression from start to finish, musically and lyrically.

Tim Williams‘ lyrics rarely vary from themes like being angry at society, revenge, and the inner working of the human mind in a state of unrest. Nothing groundbreaking here, but there doesn’t need to be. Backed by mechanical drums and chunky guitars, he screams, howls and shouts his way through this new set of songs.

There are, however, more melancholic moments on ‘The Cursed Remain Cursed‘ that provide a welcome contrast to the rage. Closing track ‘Heart and Soul‘ features a mid-section that sounds like Soundgarden‘s quieter moments, making this song a real gem. If the rest of the album contained such contrast it would probably be hailed as a work of genius.


Vision of Disorder clearly grew up in a different time to the new generation of hardcore bands. Somehow they’ve managed to retain their youthful energy, yet their wisdom shines through in this meticulously crafted set of songs. Aggression is achieved not through production tricks or histrionics, but through genuinely powerful performances and lyrical directness.


1. Loveless
2. Set to Fail
3. Blood Ren Sun
4. Hard Times
5. Annihilator
6. Skullz Out (Rot In Pieces)
7. The Enemy
8. The Seventh Circle
9. New Order of Ages
10. Be Up On It
11. Heart and Soul

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