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Their best release yet.


85 / 100

Lovers of the live scene and Triple J favourites Ball Park Music have presented a quite accomplished and distinct sound from day one. Now, with their second full length album ‘Museum,’ they are pushing their boundaries a little.

The first hint of this is delivered straight away with opening track Fence Sitter, a song that strangely enough can have loose comparisons to early Muse. Quirky, almost carnival style piano lines, drawn out vocals and big chorus lines, it’s Muse if they were to play indie rock.

The album stand out by far is the lead single Surrender, which is in the running for catchiest melody line of the year. The hook is undeniable and when coupled with the driving beat the song is one to stay annoyingly stuck in your head, hands down one of the best tracks this group has ever produced.

The duo set of Bad Taste Blues Part I and II is a confusing pairing as the tracks share no similarities at all (except for a possible guitar riff), the first sounding a little like a sped up Semisonic song, and the second slowing things down slightly and becoming another album stand out due to the tussle between the guitar and vocal lines. There are softer moments usually driven by piano like Coming Down and Cry With One Eye, and whilst these tracks still contain the catchy melodies that seem to dominate this record, it is the energetic moments in which the band shine.

Of the slower numbers, Pot Of Gold is a highlight, showing an impressive range to front man Sam Cromack’s vocal abilities and drummer Daniel Hanson’s beat choices. The guitar and piano are rarely used in tandem with one or the other overruling particular tracks. The psychedelic approach and female backing vocals to Cost Of Lifestyle pay off before the record closes with What’s On Your Mind, a building wall of sound that ends things on a big note. 


Previously Ball Park Music would have really only been noticed by the indie lovers. However, with ‘Museum,’ they may appeal to a wider audience, mainly in part to the simple brilliance of the lead single, but also because this album is a solid example of their great song writing abilities.


1. Fence Sitter
2. Surrender
3. Coming Down
4. Bad Taste Blues (Part I)
5. Bad Taste Blues (Part II)
6. Cry With One Eye
7. Great Display Of Patience
8. High Court
9. Pot Of Gold
10. Cost Of Lifestyle
11. Harbour Of Lame Ducks
12. What’s On Your Mind

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