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The influence of Hüsker Dü is constantly understated. They were melodic hardcore, before people even knew it was a thing. Front man Bob Mould has kept himself busy since his 80’s “heyday” remaining as underground as possible with his follow up act Sugar and in this millennium, as a touring solo artist.

Silver Age’ is Mould’s latest works, following his 2009 release ‘Life And Times,’ which carries with it the same feel of the records released under the Hüsker Dü name. For those who have heard Sugar’s biggest record ‘Copper Blue,’ this album is a follow-on that makes sense and pulls in some Hüsker influence at the same time.

The brilliance of those albums came in the raw, live feel of the recording, an element Mould has maintained to this day. The solo works have always been a summary of the various components that have contributed to Mould’s various projects’ sounds over the years.

Opener Star Machine is a pop ballad surrounded by noise, just like Sugar, which rolls into straight up punk rock on The Descent. The mid section of the album starts to lead into the world of rock and grunge with tracks like Steam Of Hercules which manages to make itself a highlight thanks to Mould’s husky vocals which are pushed to the limit.

The album’s title track is amongst one of the harder edged moments of the record, channelling the punk rock vibe, whilst maintaining as many hooks as the genre will allow without turning soft. Supporting Mould on this effort are his touring buddies Jon Wurster (drums) and Jason Narducy (bass), who compliment the main man’s performances perfectly, never stealing the spotlight, purely adding chunk to the rocking.


As with all of Mould’s music over the years, even back in the Hüsker days, pop is the core of the sound, strong melodies and sneaky little catchy moments that will stay stuck in your brain. ‘Silver Age’ is no different, merely peppered with a sense of nostalgia and time earned experience which make this album a solid release from a legend.


1. Star Machine
2. Silver Age
3. The Descent
4. Briefest Moment
5. Steam of Hercules
6. Fugue State
7. Round the City Square
8. Angels Rearrange
9. Keep Believing
10. First Time Joy

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