The Amity Affliction – Chasing Ghosts


Chasing Ghosts


Roadrunner Records (AUS)/UNFD



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House vs Hurricane – Parkway Drive – A Day to Remember


Australian music is in a good place.


80 / 100

‘Hype’ can be a doubled-edged sword. It is a dangerous tag. The optimist speaks of its potential and wide-ranging means to draw in listeners. While, the pessimist argues the tag breeds resistance.

We’ve all heard the terms ‘buzz bands’ ‘this year’s hottest group’ or maybe just the tried and true ‘one’s to watch’. It a premise sold before – one, which we’ve commonly been sucked into. So it’s no surprise when we are told to embrace an album before its release, there is a sense of scepticism. However, this is affirming too. It means if an album is deemed successful, it is on the merit of its entertaining reception, rather than by blindly accepting what an excessive and bias press release asserts.

The Amity Affliction are huge at the moment. Sure we can dance around the issue, quietly ignore the little (or rather prominent fact), but there are frontrunners.

Look, these Queensland lads adopt a formulaic approach. It’s music for boyfriends to give to their girlfriends and vice versa. But this isn’t intended as a derogatory label, it just simply highlights that the sound is accessible and mutually satisfying.

The breakdowns and clean sung (catchy too) choruses put a recognisable and relatable face to the sound, but there is a little more development and subtly that distances The Amity Affliction from truly uninspired and insipid bands like Asking Alexandria. Enter new studio album ‘Chasing Ghosts.’

Beginning with the impressive title track ‘Chasing Ghosts’, the tone quickly transitions to more melody with ‘Life Underground’. ‘RIP Bon’ is typical Amity, with interchanging aggression and harmony, while ‘Open Letter’ is the live anthem.

I Heart HC’ has a piano introduction before returning to a hardcore front. ‘Flowerbomb’ is again another one that sticks in the head.

There is a sense of duality to ‘Chasing Ghosts’. On the surface; it’s a polished, committed and strong offering. But, digging a little deeper, the band are giving the proverbial middle finger to those that suggest heavy music can’t be heavy, catchy and accessible at the same time.


Refreshingly precise and simply workable, ‘Chasing Ghosts’ allows fans and neutral observers to breathe a collective sigh of relief. ‘Chasing Ghosts’ delivers. Don’t buy into this offering because of popular and prevailing opinion, listen to it because the quality is consistent and the sound formed. Parkway Drive it’s your move…


1. Chasing Ghosts
2. Life Underground
3. R.I.P Bon
4. Open Letter
5. Greens Avenue
6. I Heart HC
7. Flowerbomb
8. Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice
9. Geof Sucks 666
10. Bondi St. Blues

10 Responses to “The Amity Affliction – Chasing Ghosts”

  1. chris_m_55

    Goes down very nicely. Open Letter was the standout for me straight from the first listen. After a couple more listens the rest is only getting better. There are no weak tracks, but perhaps just 2 or 3 of the songs aren’t as great as the rest.

  2. samfisher21

    I think the high expectations after Youngbloods brings this one down. It is actually very good, but there are so many comparisons to Youngbloods, which was a masterpeice. Bondi St. Blues and Life Underground are personal favourites right now.

  3. theskull

    Yeah it’s like youngbloods part 2. In saying that it’s catchy as fuck and this one will be spinning for a while. Sounds more brutal in parts and no shitty guitar solo crap just chugging heavy riffs

  4. Whytey

    Chasing Ghost
    Wow! What a song! What a song to open the album with!
    This song defiantly sets the standard for this album. The lyrics are amazing, lots of meaning and obviously close to his heart! Breakdown awesome! all I can say is the defiantly pick up from where they left off!

    Life Underground
    This is a solid song, the vocal works so well together its brilliant! Once again the lyrics are grouse! Very solid song, can defiantly become a favourite.

    R.I.P Bon
    What a great song this is! The clean vocals are fantastic, they pull you in and never let go! This song is very tight! All elements of the band make this song awesome! Another song that can be a favourite!

    Open Letter
    Wow! Easily my favourite of the whole album! Starts of with some violin and then Birch comes in and Blows it away! I love the breakdown at 34 seconds! The Shouting of Fuck No! Will defiantly be a crowd involvement when they play live which I can’t wait!! The Chorus! Wow!!!! I’m not searching the sky for a reason to live
    ’cause I found beauty right here and found the passion to give,
    so let me give you my heart, let me give you my tears,
    let me give you my life, let me give you my fears. Wow, Just Wow!! Who write genius like that! I’ll tell you who The Amity Fucking Affliction!!

    Greens Avenue
    This is another solid song, everything is so tight and the vocals just work so well together!! Another grouse chorus! They even stay true themselves and still add the same tendencies from Severed Ties!!

    I Heart H.C.
    This is one of their heavier songs but they still use both vocalist, I quite enjoyed this because it was pretty heavy song but they where still able to stick what they do best!! This songs shows how good Birch is and how much better he is getting!

    Very solid song! The chorus is catchy, I like the amount they have used Birch in this song, it keeps it heavy and keeps it away from becoming to poppy!

    Pabst Blue Ribbon On Ice
    I enjoyed this song, Its up beat and quick but then it slows down with out ruining the song! Even the piano fits well in the song! This is will be very underrated song!

    Geof Sux 666
    Such a good song! The song is heavy when it has to then its able to be softer and it works so well for this song! Everything works for this song and it shows! The breakdown is sick its nice and simple and that’s all it has to be!

    Bondi St. Blues
    This song is such a perfect way to end the album! Couldn’t have chosen a better song to finish with! The chorus is grouse! Birch is grouse! Stringer is grouse! Everything about this song is awesome! Like I said its a great song to finish with!

    I anticipate that Parkways album will be just as good!

  5. Jakecus

    I think it stinks. The lyric writing is shit house and in a few songs you hear a line by ahren then joel repeated, the songs seemed to be a bit dumbed down for mass market, were as in severed ties you would have to look into what joel was actually talking about which made the album much more interesting… This is all filler.. Where is all the killa? I dont think amity will ever better Severed ties or youngbloods 🙁

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